Painting the ocean and some other things.

Team R&R has had a great week.

R was personally contacted and commissioned to do some special work for a website that sells images and videos, I was hired to do a custom painting, I have a really cool opportunity to work with some awesome young folks making their dreams come true, and R and I have been coming up with a business model to get our personal work out there, sold, and on peoples minds.

Getting paid to do what you love is a serious high. 

As far as what R and I are doing.. This cute little town that we live in has a decent artist community-- which means, people buy art, so we're entertaining opening a booth at the local downtown market. He's going to feature his photography, I'm going to feature my paintings and hopefully we'll be rolling in dough ASAP. I'm assuming we need to get a legit LLC going before we open the booth so we're not screwed by the IRS.

Side note: I have to say I think it is serious BS that I have to give the government my hard earned money-- especially when you consider there are MILLIONS of people out there abusing the system, and I couldn't even collect unemployment after working non-stop for 9 years-- all because of a technicality.

Don't get me started on social security.

I hate capitalism with a bloody passion. HATE.IT.

Here is a prog shot of what I have been working on this week. Florida-ish/beach/nature art is my favorite to work on, so I was really excited to hired for this.

So that's all. Hope all is well with my fellow bloggers.



  1. B-E-A-UTIFUL!
    Love it, you have a great talent... I love "painting" too, although, the only "painting" I've ever done is splash, swirl or mess paint together on a canvas, hang it up and call it art. Abstract is more my thing, so I give huge props to people that can actually create a picture.

    1. Thanks lady! It's all about learning how to break images down-- simplifying, layering and perspective-- everything else is subjective. Everyone can do it! Maybe I will do a how to one day. :)

  2. So happy for you guys! I LOVE that painting!


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