Once upon a Cinco..

On May 5th I got to stand next to my best friend as she kissed her freedom goodbye tied the knot and became a married woman! 

It was a really emotional day for me.. In combination of the awesome hormone change I was experiencing (thanks PMS) and ya know.. it being a wedding.. I was so emo! 

I managed to keep my shit in check so I could be a proper, on top of it, MOH and we all ended up having a blast with almost NO hiccups along the way. 

SO here are some scenes from a very-cinco-wedding. 


This last picture is of Jason (the groom) and I, and it was my second favorite moment of the entire day.. 

He said to me "I think you were the only one more emotional than I was today!" Such a sweet guy! 

SOMEHOW I managed to get a picture with everyone else and NOT the BRIDE.. 

But that's okay, we've been BFF forever.. and I am sure we'll have plenty more pics!

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  1. Beautiful photos, and what a lovely wedding! Glad you had such a great time.


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