Let's play catch {up}.

I'm back! (Again)

Miss me?

I decided to change the look a bit, and keep the name. "This must be the place" is such a huge theme in my life-- I always find my self at the right place, at the right time, with the right people.. plus, this blog has a lot to do with R and I, and Nieve Melody is our song. (I know we're 12).

This past week has been quite eventful.

It started by going to a party last Sunday (where R and I took on the awesome responsibility of being a mushroom taking party goers spirit guide-- which I must say is one of my favorite things to guide people through), volunteering, R and I celebrated our anniversary (a weekend late) and we've been having a lot of fun meeting folks around the community-- making connections, friends and getting inspired.

R and I are getting our personal creative endeavors in check-- He's already made $30 on video footage we had just laying around and I am super excited about painting again--R treated me to new supplies and canvas this weekend--THEN last night, when I finally came out of my Skyrim coma, I found the office completely cleaned up, slightly rearranged and with a nice space waiting for my easel and canvas to get set up, R had been working hard while I killed virtual villains.  

He's a good guy and definitely made up for forgetting the anniversary..

Speaking of anniversaries.. We had our fourth one memorial day weekend, and celebrated this weekend. We slept in Saturday morning, ate boiled peanuts, subs, enjoyed the sunshine at the beautiful beach and then we went for some Chicago style pizza (a place that ships in their deep dish from straight from the Windy City)-- we opted for the thin crust, but it was just like being in the windy city-- except for ya know, all the flip flop wearing Florida people. ;)

Sunday was for chores and errands. We mowed the lawn, hung out with our neighbors, went to the Home Depot, Michael's (<3) and the grocery store! We also caught up on the dishes that we had been neglecting for over a week. (I'm serious, it was disgusting).

Last week was quite serendipitous for us, it seemed like we kept ending up at the right place at the right time everywhere we went. It started with the party, the volunteering, then we found ourselves wandering around downtown because R got out of work early and we met a cool chick, an awesome artist & her husband (who is also an acupuncturist/nutritionist/spiritual cleanser) and it was really awesome.

The acupuncturist husband advised me that I should go gluten and (cow) dairy free, but still eat meat. SO, I'm working on rearranging my diet (again)-- the dairy thing isn't a problem, but I am struggling with the GF thing. Meat.. it's whatever.. I can do with or without it. (Even though I feel better as a veg head). He said doing all of this will enhance the grip I have on my bi-polar disorder and keep my hormones/systems in check so I have more energy and better Chi.

Any suggestions for going Gluten free??

We're feeling more motivated than ever to get out of our reclusive shells-- This is a big step ya'll.

Did I tell you that my mom and her guy are working on another movie? Well, they are.. and it's all about Ron "Pig Pen" McKernan-- one of the founding members of the Grateful Dead-- so I was super excited to see the "WINES THAT ROCK" series at one of the local (and totally awesome) shops around here.

OBVIOUSLY I drank the wine, but I DID save the bottle to send them for the PIGPEN (aka their office).

Hey if you want, like them on facebook or check out their indiegogo to donate to the film. :)

I can't wait to share some more pictures of our colorful little port town. I am loving this place more and more!

I'm hoping to get a little more serious about this blogging thing-- I am working on a website for my art, and I am trying to get my work shown in galleries, so I might just be a little more interesting in the future than I have in the past. To those of you who read/comment here, it's really appreciated and it makes my day. :)

Well that's all for now! Remember when I was in a wedding on Cinco de Mayo? Well look for those pictures tomorrow, they are too sweet. ;)

WHATS UP with you people?




  1. Yeah, I like the new digs and your mom's movie sounds pretty cool..but, uh, what's your character class and all of that in Skyrim?
    Also, can R teach my partner to clean up while *I* play videogames?

    1. I meant to reply here, see below:)

  2. I'm a level 46 khajiit, arch Mage, maxed sneak (w/all perks), maxed out archery (w/1perk left), pretty skilled in two- handed, moderate in magic, and other combat. Last night I killed a dragon priest in 4shots and I killed alduin at level 30. I'm in the theives guild and dark brother hood but I never complete those missions. I try to be a good guy. Do you play skyrim? Where are you with it?

    I want to start playing dayZ but that might be video game overload. ... And, I'll send R right over to teach your partner a thing or two. ;)


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