A cup of Peace

Sometimes the message is just so clear. 

May has always been filled with transitions. Endings. Beginnings. Changes.

I've been really digging this momentum I have gained in my journey to self-improvement, so I thought since May already has some kind of cosmic pull with my energy, I would add a little more discipline to my regime, and see how much more I can accomplish.

I've never been a terribly disciplined person-- However, since the new year I have been gradually adding more discipline to my routine, and I have really taken note of the results: physically, emotionally, etc.

R said something really important this morning, he said: "Discipline is what we need to prove to ourselves that WE are in control of our lives"  

I still need to iron out the details a bit more (I'll work on that today) but I know I want to add more structure to my diet, social life, work-outs, career & passions. 

I want to come up with a plan that I can stay really focused on, a plan that will help me gain the momentum I need to really make this the best year I've ever had.

After all, once May ends we will be on the downward slope to a new year. 

Plus, I want to go shop for dresses in June.



  1. I definitely need structure/discipline too. I'm far too good at convincing myself "nah, you can do that tomorrow," especially when it comes to something like self-improvement when I only have myself to answer to. Thanks for the reminder friend, and good luck!

  2. Ditto to above commenter. Self-improvement is such an uphill climb, and I think it's human nature to get in your own way. I know I do it to myself quite often. May has always been an interesting month for me...a time of uncertainty, goodbyes, vacations, new jobs, and sudden moments of clarity. Transitions, as you said. I hope yours has been a great start to a fulfilling summer!



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