The end = The beginning.

Life is moving so fast!

I swear!

This weekend is my best friends wedding. Cinco de Mayo baby!

Since it is her wedding, R is letting me splurge on a haircut with my fancy lady.. Actually he is sick of haircuttery people (no offense) slaughtering my locks. (HC's around here are filled with people who don't know what the hell-o they are doing, it's a shame because I love a good cheap haircut)

I've been going to this lady since I was 15, so I am super excited to see her and catch up. I am also excited to see what she has to say about my baking soda hair!

Friday I am helping with the seating chart, we have rehearsal & dinner and then Saturday is wedding time. This is the first wedding I've actually gone through with (long story, not proud)-- so I am a little nervous about screwing something up.... especially that MOH speech I wrote a month ago and have spent almost zero time memorizing.

I am determined to stay focused this weekend: getting my work outs in, eating healthily, and taking it easy on the alcohol intake all while making Courtney's day BOMBDIGG. (Did I really just type that?)

 I am definitely one of those people that drinks a little more when I am nervous and in the past I've had some serious social anxieties... BUT with all the awesome work I have been doing on myself I am SO ready to prove to myself that I am 100% capable of not being a total weirdo with people I don't know/like well and that I am 100% in control of how I feel.

It's true! We all are.

In other news, today I said goodbye to R and I's first apartment together. It would have been a lot sadder leaving the place if I wasn't so GD sick of packing that place up. We seriously have too much stuff. Anyway, my goal for the rest of the afternoon is to get this place in tiop top shape so we come home to a clean house ready to kick some boootay!

ANYWHO-- after this weekend I should be back in the swing of things with the bloggy. I promise I am not this huge narcissist all the time. I have a few commissions lined up (that's what us freelance artists call hired work) and I have a prospect position as a personal assistant that will bring in some extra cashola every week.We also have a BBQ potluck/housewarming party lined up for the 20th, so per usual, life just doesn't slow down.

Woop woop.

Have a safe cinco friends!



  1. So exciting about your friend's wedding! I bet it'll be a blast! I know what you mean about saying goodbye to your apartment..I wanted to be sadder but mostly I was just eager to get the H out. <3

  2. From what I've read it sounds like your new place is pretty awesome, so it makes sense that you're just happy to move on. Packing and moving is a huge pain in the butt, so even the most sentimental of goodbyes can be dampered by that frustration. I've kept the same apartment for the last two years simply because I don't want to go through the hassle of moving.

    I hope the wedding was extremely fun and BOMBDIGG! (Did I just comment that?)



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