I see London, I see France! {Before and after pics!}

Whoa Sunday, you went by fast!

Probably all the pineapple mimosas I consumed with my bestie this afternoon.

Seriously.. Why are mimosas so perfect for a {South Florida} Sunday?

We went to this little port town near our neighborhood for brunch and watched all the boats go by-- I ordered the soup of the day, it was delish! I want to try and remake it.. I think it was a tomato/veggie base with smoked bacon, white beans and a few veggies.. it was fresh and guilt free (especially when you consider the fact that we pounded mimosas like it was our job).

On Thursday last week I decided to take some current body measurements, and I was SHOCKED to see actual numbers related to how much I have accomplished in the fitness arena.

I have lost a total of 18 inches (along with those 20lbs)! I've plateaued a bit with losing weight, but I know a couple of shifts in my workout routine & diet will kick start the fat burning again.

So in January, I was 171-173 Lbs and my measurements looked like this:

Body Fat % 29.00%
Weight 172 lbs
Chest 34.75 inches
Waist 33.75
Waist @ navel 38
Hips 41
R Thigh 26.25
L Thigh 26
R Arm 13
L Arm 13

...and on Thursday my measurements looked like this:

Body Fat % 22.00%
Weight 152 lbs
Chest 34 inches
Waist 30.5
Waist @ navel 35
Hips 38
R Thigh 23.5
L Thigh 23.5
R Arm 11.5
L Arm 11.5

 Luckily in January I took a "before picture," a picture I thought I would NEVER ever share, but guess what?! You all get to see me in my bathing suit (January) and my undies (after pic).. Don't you feel lucky? I mean, we've all gotten so close-- you tell me about your lives, I tell you about mine..

I'll show you mine, if you show me yours...

SO before I share my before and afters I should also mention that my goal is to get to 18% body fat (which is very lean-- right now I am at about 22.5 which is considered "average") I honestly do not care how much I weigh so long as I am a solid muscle machine.

I've got about 5% more body fat to ditch-- which I think will translate as about 15-20lbs.

(I only looked pissed off because the picture kept coming out blurry.)

ANYWAY so there I am in all my glory. Big difference huh?

The most fun thing about this transformation has been that everything I have done has been small and consistent. I started off being pretty strict-- doing yoga every day, counting calories and after about a month of that I fell off the wagon (lady time is a killer people) and got into a more "normal" routine, filled with distractions, cheese pizza and free tacos..

Since January I have averaged working out 3 times a week. Working out has been a mixture of p90x yoga, and lifting weights at the gym with the occasional 5k if the weather was nice and the pollen was low.

Some days I did both yoga and weights, some days I did nothing and some days I did one or the other.

Five days out of the week I focused on maintaining a high protein diet, and I was pretty strict about ONLY consuming complex carbs (I would usually have a piece of toast with my egg whites in the morning, but stuck to root vegetables & greens for my carb consumption).

I also cut down my wine consumption to weekends (and the occasional girls night for margaritas). Twice a week I ignored counting calories and ate the shit out of Fisn N' Chips whenever possible on the weekends. There was even one day when I ate an entire pizza because I was PMSing... so gross.

Anyway, what I am getting at is, you don't have to be super strict... you just have to do yoga, lift weights and drink a shit ton of water and get back on the wagon when you fall off.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!




  1. You look amazing! Congrats! And rock on for posting photos of yourself...that's not an easy thing to do! <3 Lots of love to you dear!

  2. You go, Ryan! The measurements, along with the before & after photos, show that you've made a lot of great progress! Since one of my summer goals is to lose 25 pounds, I hope to channel some of your determination. I know what kills me...diet. I'm either too lenient or too strict...both strategies are doomed to failure. I like your approach...you compromise. Do you think that allowing yourself small amounts of leeway makes sticking to a diet easier?



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