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Welp, I've hit a plateau in the unpacking department.

I can't find the pegs to put the rest of the book shelf together, and I simply just don't give a damn to look much further than turning the xbox on and getting some face time with Skyrim.  

I need a break from the boxes. 

(We are about 90% unpacked-- that office is a pesky lil' room)

 Anyway, R has been working a lot of OT these days, so I've had to adjust into a new schedule on my own. Luckily one of my very best friends lives a whopping 5 seconds down the street from me, so my evenings have consisted of girl talk and vino. 

I need to stop letting her talk me out of going to the gym.

Actually, she tried to talk me out of it on Tuesday with the lure of hot sake-- but I told her we could only sake if we went to the gym for at least 30 mins first--so we did, and yesterday I only let her talk me out of the gym because I kayaked for about 90 minutes, and that's a decent work on its own.

We're going hard at the gym today-- we were both athletes as teens, so we are looking forward to some healthy competition in the gym.

Yesterday morning I took a break from feeling guilty about not wanting to unpack anymore, and spent some time out the water. 

It has been almost a year since I last took the kayak out, and I am SO glad we have 24/7 access to water because kayaking is one of our favorite things. I was really missing R while I was out there and feeling badly that he wont get to enjoy the water for several more weeks.

The water behind my house is brackish so there is a ton of life-- I noticed at one point that I was kayaking over shallow water (about a foot) and just as I was thinking that this would be the exact place to see a sting ray, I looked down, and there were two-- I "forgot" that I had my camera with me, so I didn't get to take a picture of them...

...so just imagine two little stingray friends hanging out in the water basking in the sun..  

That's what the picture would have looked like if I remembered.

I wonder if they were stingray lovers. 

: P

My neighbor is a commercial fisherman, and the son who is about 15 or so likes to come over and show R and I his crab trap-- beautiful little creatures. 

The kid is sweet-- he is always coming over and telling me he is bored to which I always reply with my favorite phrase ever:

"If you're bored, then you're boring!"

....And then I usually put him to work. Last night I had him cut some shrubs that are obstructing the access I have to the shore (which makes getting in and out of the kayak a balancing act-- even at high tide the dock is still about a 3.5 feet drop to the water).

Putting the neighbor kid to work is such an old lady thing to do..

I am starting to realize this old house needed us just as much as we needed it.

I've been really missing R the past few weeks-- overtime is bitter sweet. I think what I miss the most is having dinner and working out together. We've started to enjoy some late night Skyrim sessions when he gets home, but lately he's been getting home later and later, so I've been battling the dragons on my own. : P

Seriously though, I miss my lover-buddy.  

What's been happening with you people? Give me some neeeewwwwssssss. 



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  1. Awesome photos! I'd love to hear more about this 24/7 access to the water - do you have a dock in your backyard, or is it somewhere close by? Either way, it sounds perfect for someone like you who loves the outdoors!



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