Fresh starts.

We are getting settled in over here rather quickly-- The only room that non-functional at the moment is the guest/office. This is also the room where my closet will be so, it looks like the hamper regurgitated our wardrobe.

We opted to use the "master bedroom" for this space because it is larger, and at the last place the office was just really obnoxious to be in because it was so crowded in there. NOW we will have enough room for BOTH of our desks, a twin bed, and a love seat.

I surprised R with this set up, and he told me he was secretly wishing I would want to use the bigger room for the office, but didn't want to ruin my plans for the bedroom--this bit of info made me happy.


The patio has been our favorite spot so far.

After it rains the canal smells like the ocean, but a little too often it smells like cigarette smoke.

Our neighbors smoke a lot, and unfortunately we are down wind-- our next improvement to the property will be palms around the perimeter of the patio to give us a little more privacy-- the plants will also filter that nasty smoke.

I use to smoke, so I  get it... but the more I work out, the more intolerant of it I become. I also have a really strong sense of smell, and that is a smell I had to train myself to hate in order to quit (since quitting smoking is ridiculously difficult) so I'm not a big fan.

I never thought I would be like this, but I catch myself bitching about cigarette smoke all the time now. I think as a former smoker, I have a right to complain about smoke-- I worked hard to quit, and it is something that does absolutely nothing positive for anyone.

I digress....

 Patio with my curb find couch & money tree.

We've been having breakfast out here and it truly feels like we are on vacation. :)

The rest of the place is shaping up too. I am trying to have a lot of fun with color & so far I have been really pleased with how everything is starting too look. I can't wait to get everything in place & invite some friends over for a BBQ.

We've really been looking at this move as a fresh start-- At the old place we did a lot of growing and discovering who we are as a {practically married} couple, with the new place we are ready to implement all of our new good habits full force.

We switched our gym memberships over on Sunday, got an excellent workout in and then hit up the farmers market next to our house. For $30 we got tons of fruits & veggies + 2 tomato plants for the garden. We finally ditched all of our refrigerated condiments and once I finish that jar of jalapenos, we will be about 90% additive free in our at home diets!

When I open my fridge now I get so excited to just see pure clean goodness!

 I'll get into our diet stuff later but for now, I am happy that we are starting off our new adventure on such a positive note. :)

We also found out that we are about 7 miles from our favorite beach, and that there are sidewalks/bike paths the entire way there.. I am going to make the ride sometime this week-- My guess is it will take about 45 mins to get there on the bike..

Now, I have a ton of work to do, you ya'll be good now.




  1. Can I vacation here? ; )

    Everything is coming along beautifully.

  2. I definitely empathize with the lack of tolerance for smoke... I can't believe I used to put it in my lungs, now even the smell of it is repulsive. Hope that situation gets sorted ASAP.


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