Before & after {in progress..}

We've been working really hard the past few days weeks, trying to get our new place in order. The new place needed a little more work than we thought-- pretty much every inch needed to be bleached, and because of that, we also opted to paint every wall (and closet).

It wasn't disgusting.. but it wasn't the kind of clean we like. The shelves had years of dust, the base boards were in need of some detailing, and the antique white on the walls made it look aged & dirty-- that yellowy white color reminds me of cigarette smoke stained walls-- the inside of the cabinets had the original contact paper from probably the 60's and every corner was filled with daddy long-legs.

So with about $200 worth of paint & supplies, we gave our new pad a little make-over and that ole' place is shaping up rather nicely-- last night I literally could feel the house take a big deep, breath.

Is it weird that I feel like the house and I are becoming friends?

Yesterday I finally got all the cleaning done, and the only thing that is left are 2 bright white walls, the bathroom & the baseboards need some paint too-- but right now she is clean as a whistle and as happy as a clam. : P

The living room/kitchen-nook before...

and, After.....

Baby-yellow semi-gloss cabinets gone..

Now the kitchen is a little brighter with a warm flat yellow. 
(I am still thinking about the hardware situation)

  (excuse the mess)

Some other little deets...

 I used some hooks and yarn to make a TP holder in the 1/2 bathroom/laundry room.

The patio-- I changed it again, so it is a little different now.

 Our dock :)

On Sunday we put up about 24 ft of fence and two posts for the hammock under a tree south of the dock, and yesterday when I was leaving the neighborhood I noticed one of my neighbors putting 2 really nice couches on the curb, he told me they were clean and free so I loaded them up out one on the patio, and one in the living room. It's a comfy couch too! It's in great condition, but I think it will be fun to make a funky slip cover for it.

I just hired some movers for tomorrow-- we were going to wait for the weekend, but we get the internet turned on sometime Friday, so I need to be there, and don't want to waste a day! Plus with R working OT this will give me the opportunity to get everything settled in by Sunday when he has a day off. :) 

So I have a lot of work to do now... I can't wait to see what it looks like with all of our stuff :)

I will be back in commenting mode soon.. 



  1. Looking so much better! It is always so rewarding to sit back and gaze upon fine handiwork... I'm sure the house appreciates it, as well.

    Also, I'm very envious of your dock... looks like the perfect BBQ/chill spot.

  2. I love it! That must be so rewarding to have gotten so much done! :)

  3. It looks awesome! There is such a dramatic transformation between the living room/nook pictures. The second shot seems to have so much more life. It's not weird that you and the house are becoming friends, because our homes reflect who we are. They pick up some of our characteristics, our personalities. They become an extension of us. Your kitchen-nook shows so much vibrance...and the clever TP holder shows creativity. The house is breathing a sigh of relief, and you will do the same very soon!


  4. YOU HAVE A DOCK? I want a dock.

  5. That is so cool that you have a dock! How fun.
    Also, the painting looks great, love the colours.

  6. I love the paint job Ryan!!! I am sorry i have been missing in action. I feel like i have a lot of catching up to do.

    Will stop by tomorrow.


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