Raise the roof.

I ran a bunch errands yesterday and ended up hanging out with one of my buddies-- Her boyfriend and R went to college together, so it's been nice that they get to work together now too because that means I still get to my friend close by.  We watched a movie, drank some vino & made our guys a surprise dinner. We haven't had a double date in a while & boy do I miss my friends! We definitely need too get back into the swing of double-date night.

We made my famous Southwestern Pasta, lemon pepper shrimp, and garlic & olive oil dip (inspired by Carabbas w/ french bread) -- I will share that SWP recipe with you people soon-- it's yummy.

I also have a favor to ask, My mother and her Boyfriend are working on their second indie film about Ron "Pigpen" McKernan, who was one of the founding members of the grateful dead, they are still in the beginning stages of finalizing the screen play, but this is a crucial stage in the process and they need all the "likes" they can get-- Ya know, the power of social media and stuff.

SO, if you have a FB and would like to do me a favor, go on and "Like" their films page, that would be so saweet of you. The more likes they have, the better.. and most of her posts are just music videos, so if you are into the Grateful Dead, then you'll definitely get your daily dose! (For those of you who don't care, just hide their feed!)

The movie is set for a late 2013 release, here's the link.

Thanks yo.

We get the water turned on today at the new place, which means painting and such will be MUCH easier. I've been buying those fridge packs so I can have something to clean  my brushes with, and I hate doing that because it is a huge waste of plastic! I am procrastinating going over there this morning, I had an extra glass of vino last night and my tummy is not happy.

You know you are getting old when you can't drink more than a glass of wine without feeling like crapola-- at least the hair die is hiding the grey hairs that are starting to creep in.. My hair is so RUDE, I am not THAT old. geeesh!

Another semi-pointless post by yours truly.

Hey, isn't tomorrow Friday? I think a big raise the roof is in order....

lol. I love robot music (aka dub,dnb) too much.


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  1. I don't have a Facebook (deleted it awhile ago), but I'll do my part by sharing the link with all the Deadheads i know.


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