A lil update.

I've been an absentee blogger lately-- This will probably continue in the upcoming weeks as we are ridiculously busy!

So here's what we've been up to!

-We found a really awesome duplex to rent-- it's on the water, we can dock the boats, the landlords seem to be really nice-- AND they decided to pop in on us last night. BUT, I think we passed their "home inspection" so now were onto the financials, and we might just get the place of our dreams(to rent).

(They wanted to make sure our cats didn't stink up our current place.)

Florida living at its finest? 

I think yes.

Rob has been referring to this property as "Paradise," I hope we get it!

-We're back to planning a wedding. I think we've been going back and forth so much on the reception part of the wedding day is because we are both cheap recluses-- so having a big party in honor of our new life together is a little scary. I keep trying to tell myself I don't want to have a reception-- but then we end up feeling a little sad, so I think that's a sign that we should just go for it. My parents have a little to do with this as well, as my father and step mother has been very negligent when it comes to getting excited for us or even calling me back. But R's mom really put my mind at ease, she reminded me how important it will be to us later down the road, and how important it is to her currently-- How can you leave that kind of pep talk not feeling good about it?

I am most comfortable as the dutiful hostess.  I like to make sure everyone is drinking heavily & well fed so they won't notice how awkward I actually am.

We just need to get over it. We are just weirdos, but we are also excited now that we have some actual plans hammered out. R even picked out a few dresses he liked-- I'm gonna have to get real skinny! Of course he likes all the fitted dresses.

(I am still having a hard time with the white dress thing-- but I am warming up to at least trying some on.)

-I finally decided what I wanted to try to sell on my etsy shop. A few months ago I mentioned wanting to open shop, but I had so many ideas at the time-- it was hard to get started since I had nothing really to focus on, but I came up with some good ideas, I am going to do a little trial run with my friends and see what happens!

Here's a hint: It has something to do with being clean & green.

-Speaking of being clean and green, I wanted to mention that I am still using baking soda & lemon juice to wash & "condition" my hair. Besides needing a trim, my hair looks awesome!

I am going to get my hair cut in May (mostly because I refuse to get my hair hacked again by the lack of talent locally) by my hair dresser who has been cutting my hair since I was 14-- SO I want to see what she has to say about the condition of my baking soda washed hair, and then I will do an official update.

So far I have turned a bunch of my friends/family on to this, and they are happy too!

-Rob wants to go hydro. Hydroponics that is. We've been designing some systems so we can have a hydroponic garden at the new place. We want to keep growing peppers and tomatoes and cooking herbs, and we want to start growing lettuces, squash and I would like to make some ficus bonsai's.

We don't know much about hydroponics and I know almost nothing about bonsai-- so we'll see how it goes!

Hydroponics is like an awesome science experiment that feeds you! So much goes into it, we think it will be much more productive than our current soil based garden.

-AND finally.

Tonight we are going home to Orlando (just for a few hours) to have dinner with R's family. The exciting thing about dinner is I will be meeting a cousin that I have never met before. Rob has a pretty tiny family (there are only 7 of them locally!) so meeting ANY of the out towners is always a treat.

I come from a large family-- so while large can translate as highly dysfunctional-- I wouldn't trade any of them in. However, I would trade in a few of my Christmas experiences for some of R's-- I am sure his have historically been much more pleasant!


The second exciting this about this is, we are going to a restaurant in our home town that I remember always wanting to go to as a little girl-- but to this day I still haven't been! I am a food freak, so ya know I will have a good time. :)

AND that's it, regularly programed blogging shall return eventually/soon.




  1. I love your new place!!! It's so Florida and I'm jealous of your view!

  2. Sounds like you're doing well! Love that you've found such a great place and I hope you guys get it! Good luck with everything friend :)

  3. Awesome! I love all of the great news you have shared in this entry. The photos of the duplex are beautiful - definitely does seem like Florida living at its finest! Planning a wedding is always fulfilling, if stressful. The more you plan for it, the better you can make your special day. I'm all for natural methods of taking care of your hair, even though as of now I'm still using chemicals because I'm so much of a creature at habit. And of course, hydroponics. I've always been fascinated by the process of growing plants in water even though I don't fully understand it. I hope you are able to make the experience of owning a hydroponics garden a very rewarding one.

    And also, hope you had a great dinner with R's family!



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