Cold feet, secret handshakes and kitchen fails.

Hmm.. My post from earlier disappeared? Weird.

Well I guess I'll have to make this one better than the last so blogger doesn't eat it.

We had a fairly uneventful weekend. We got lots of rain on Sunday morning which brought in a little cold front-- I'd love to say I am enjoying the cooler weather, but I like it hot-- I'm ready for summer!

We're getting cold feet about buying a condo. I hate to complain about the economy, but the condo we want has a pretty high HOA/Maintenance fee (almost $500!) and we're worried that if other properties in the complex go into foreclosure that the fees will be raised-- that on top of a mortgage, insurance and all that other junk that goes with owning-- I think we're going to hold off.

We considered a house-- but living near the coast in a town we don't really want to settle in seems like a hurricane waiting to happen.

So we were looking around for rentals this weekend and found a waterfront that seems too good to be true-- we're really hoping they will overlook the cat thing. I understand why landlords are iffy about felines-- but my babies are puuuurfect, so they need not worry. ;) We have a couple of kayaks and a 16 foot boston whaler that would love some face-time with the PSL river system!

While were were house hunting we took a few breaks to visit with some friends. We had lunch with one of R's college buddies and his lady, and went for drinks and aps with one of my girlfriends-- we snuck in some playground time-- well actually I did, while R wondered around the park like a weirdo.

Speaking of being 12, R and I came up with a secret handshake this weekend, and I have to say... Secret handshakes are great at resolving conflict-- Rob wasn't did not appreciate my beautiful singing this morning so when I took offense he just busted out the secret handshake, and I didn't spit in his eggs. :)

I'm kidding, girls don't spit. that's gross. 

I also made sone really disgusting cookies that were suppose to be muffins.

In the kitchen you win some and you lose some.

When it comes to cooking, I can almost always turn nothing into something awesome... but when it comes to baking, I almost always turn something awesome into something awful.

Eh-- you can't win them all! They looked good though.. maybe? Bananas, blueberries and oatmeal.

Tonight I am making felafel for dinner, so hopefully I can redeem myself in the kitchen!

How was your weekend?



  1. More than understandable about not wanting to deal with the HOA fees, and even more understandable about the hurricane fear. Can't wait to see what you all set up!! <3

  2. I can understand about being scared to buy. I think we're going to buy once Rob gets a permanent job with the Forest Service (assuming he likes what he's doing this summer) but it's quite a scary step :( Enjoy falafel, Rob used to eat it constantly in Iraq and LOVED it.

  3. Blogger has eaten a couple of my posts within the past year. It definitely irked me when it happened, but it's nice when you see it as an opportunity to improve upon your previous work.

    When I consider moving this fall, I noticed some similar issues with felines. So many places forbid pets of any kind...but I don't feel that cats should count. They only make messes in a litterbox, and they're easy to clean up after. What gives, landlords? :(



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