The {perfect} dress for my wedding.

Okay people.

I found the dress I am suppose to wear on my wedding day.... but it is $3990, that is like... $3500 over what I would realistically ever think about spending on any article of clothing. (I figure that since I once bought a pair of boots for $400, spending around that much on a wedding day dress would be alright.) 

Also, you will not catch me dead in a traditional wedding dress.. I like them on other people, but.. just thinking about trying one on makes me cringe because it is so not me.

But a dress rocking a fabulous mushroom print couldn't be MORE ME, all I keep thinking about is if R saw me in this dress he would just die of complete joy. {Mu}Shrooms have a very special place in our hearts.

I must have it or I will die.

I've been emailing the designers people... maybe by some freak twist of fate, it will be mine.  I believe in a universe that gives you things if you want them bad enough, and I want this dress almost as bad as I want to marry R, if not more! (kidding, kinda)

 Plus  it covers all the right areas, and will be perfect for out little outdoor ceremony and I could wear it again and again and again, and get to relive the excitement of our wedding day over and over!

Hopefully R doesn't see this post. :)


This is a Carolina Herrera, the dress is called the Ksenia.

I die.

have a happy Monday!




  1. Pretty, simple, and nontraditional! I like it - definitely would be fitting for an outdoor ceremony!


  2. Oooo. I LOVE this! I can definitely see you rocking this dress on your big day. It's to perfect!

  3. AHH! It's gorgeous! There's gotta be a knock off somewhere and if not now, by summer for sure. That belt is perfect too. I think I'm getting teary.


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