Easy Chevron.

one: find a surface to put a chevron pattern on, make sure to clean (and sand) the surface if necessary. I painted the table with a yellow wash before adding tape. two: using tape make a diagonal grid. I eyeballed the grid, however I recommend using a ruler if you are less than inclined to create decently proportioned symmetrical spaces. three: Using an x-acto or razor (I used my foil cutter off the cork screw) remove the cross sections of tape (you can use a straight edge for cleaner lines), revealing the chevron pattern. four: Paint over the tape with an alternate color, let it dry and pull up the tape! *I ended up repainting the table because I wanted to add some funk and color to my kitchen.

(The paint was still a little wet when I took the picture)


I am feeling really inspired by this color combination, so I might add a grey stripe in the middle of the green after distressing the table with some sand paper, we'll see.....

Now I want to put chevron on everything! I'm thinking the cork board in my office might be next.

Lemme know if you try it!



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