California Dream'n: Lots of pics!

So during my blogcation, I went on a surprise visit to California to see my mother.

Surprising my mother was probably the funniest thing I have ever planned (in cooperation with her guy); the best part was when my mother shook my hand and didn't register that it was me for a good 20 seconds. The look on her face was priceless.. and it was a perfect start to a really fabulous weekend.

I have spent the past 4 days falling completely in love with California. People who live in California are seriously the luckiest humans on the planet (if you ignore the high cost of living and taxes part, of course.)

So much beauty everywhere there and I am ready now, more than ever to move out west. It's calling me.

...and really, everyone was so freaking nice.

Friday my mom and I went to La Jolla and strolled along the coast. I had some serious tourist moments when I saw all the wild seals. There was a lot of "OH my gaaaad, I've only seen them at Sea World! They're even cuter in real life!" and "OH my GADDDDD, they are like big wet fat kitties!"

The Pacific Ocean is just ridiculous, so powerful and magnificent. In Florida, you just don't see waves like that unless there is a Hurricane, and when that's the case.. you tend to avoid the coast.

We also strolled around the meditation gardens at the self-realization center in Encinitas, and that's when I realized that I have to be out west. (I think R is getting nervous)

Then on Saturday we had lunch on Coronado Island; I caved and had a Fish n' Chips and 2 New Castles at lunch. We walked around downtown San Diego, had a gelato and went home for a lifetime movie marathon. (That's what moms and daughters are suppose to do right?)

Sunday was spent in Laguna Beach, where to my surprise everyone appeared to be rather normal and dark haired (Where were all the blond beach bums?). We had lunch at C'est la Vie , where I had a rather tasty Pinot Noir with my Croque Monsieur. After lunch we drove up to the top of the world park, practiced our kart wheels, handstands and twirls whilst listening to the Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan.

My moms boyfriend is a wealth of wisdom and has made my mother so incredibly happy. His daughter Avalon (that lil cutie in the picture with us) is such a bright little girl. I seriously wanted her to come home with me. She is wise beyond her years, insightful, thoughtful, sweet, hilarious and for a lack of better words, the kid is deep man.

I had so much fun I almost didn't want to come home. However, seeing my love and kitties is always on the top of my agenda.. Now I would just like to see all of us (R&R + the 3 cats) in California, instead of Hickville, USA.

It's good to be back, blogcations and vacations are where it's at. This trip made me realize I need to get out of the house more, and that my mom and I really can have a great relationship despite our turbulent past.



  1. Hi friend :) Been awhile since I said hello so here I am! I loved these pictures and I totally agree, there's just something about the west coast that is just awesome. We're moving to New Mexico (not the coast, but still pretty westerly!) and I totally can't wait.

    I don't have a great past with my mom either so it's nice to hear about others improving their relationships :) Wish you all the best.

  2. I am checking up on my reading. I love those pics, especially the ones of the flowers. As always, i look forward to reading more.



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