A visit from the Seester.

My sister Taylor came for a visit this weekend. 
My niece Riley (RJ) as her accomplice, the weekend was filled with lots of pee and poop talk, little giggles, gibber-jabber, and chasing kitties. 

This is what the weekend looked like...

RJ helping me make pancakes// my cats & r seeking refuge from the loud-tiny person// R and RJ playing with a ball of wacks.. all morning// My sock monkies resurrected and placed in my bed by a sweet little girl// splitting a fish and chips with my sister over some wine on the water// more R and RJ playtime before bed.

Riley was a lot of fun, she's got a silly personality and even when she is bad she is cute. I'm not going to lie, watching R and RJ interact was probably the cutest thing next to kittens and getting slobbery kisses from my sweet niece was just too much sweetness. Having a kid in the house was actually kind of fun.. 
but one thing still stands. 

I am SO not ready.
However I would not be opposed to more seester visits. 
Now R and I are enjoying two of our favorite things, silence and coffee.


  1. Your niece is adorable! The cats as well :3

  2. Awe!!! Looks like you all had a wonderful weekend and made memories to cherish forever. I hope the kitties have recovered from Riley... LOL... I love you...xxxoo thank you for sharing.

  3. how very very cute! cats, sister, niece, you, R, all of them! congrats and glad you had a good time.


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