Seester, seester.

This week has gone by really fast, I've been surprisingly productive (thanks to no goals?). I got a lot of organizing, painting, cleaning, card writing and I even managed to create a legit office space for myself with out compromising the guest room too much, however I really skipped out on working out and doing yoga which is why R and I will be spending our Friday night at the gym; neither one of us have been sleeping well which has been making us gym shy, even though working out/yoga are the two things that guarantee a good night sleep.. Sweating the evil out, and stretching.

My sister is expected to arrive tonight from NC to spend the weekend with R and I. She will have my adorable niece Riley in tow, and I am very excited to get some one on one time with my seest-- a rare occasion unfortunately, and gifting my niece the bunny I made this week. {Fret not he now has arms and I have until 4 to give him some eyeballs}.

None of our close friends have kids, so I am interested to see how R and I handle a little one in the house; It's not that we don't like kids.. I just like everything to be really clean, quiet and calm and in my control and R has no experience with children other than occasional interactions with my kid sister, who is 8 now (She was 1.5 when R and I met), and doesn't know what to do with them or expect from them. 

So it will be interesting, and lots of fun. Plus, Riley is adorable, so even if she is bad I am sure I will find a way to enjoy her cuteness. ;)

Having a sister close in age is proving to be one of the best things my parents ever did; we just laugh and laugh and laugh.

That's all for now.

Happy weekend to all,


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