Thanksgiving/Birthday Score!

I got a little panicked this morning at the grocery store {in my PJ's} when my Future Mother-In-Law (FMIL) texted me saying she was leaving Orlando and headed in my direction; that meant I had two hours until her arrival--- when I was totally expecting her tomorrow!

Normally this wouldn't be a problem since R & I are slightly OCD about the apartment being clean, but I am a big believer that on Sunday you should rest, so that dinner party I had on Saturday night.. umm yeah.. Wine glasses and dishes all over the place-- at least I had the forethought to RINSE everything before bed on Saturday.

Anyway, she arrived just in time for me to put the vacuum away and start R's lunch-- Look Natural! :)

It's quite possible that my future in-laws are the best people ever & my FMIL really knows how to win my heart because I just scored the best Thanksgiving/Birthday/Christmas/Housewarming loot ever. 

As if showing up with 2 varieties of Blue Moon wasn't enough; Blue moon happens to be one of my favorites next to a dry Red... She showed up with all of this {and more!}

1. Wine glasses galore! (Probably the best score since I break Red wine glasses weekly)
2. Pumpkin spice Coffee Lollies from See's Candies (That's going in my brew tomorrow!)
3.Chocolate Turkeys (Also from See's)
4. Pilgrim and Indian vintage style candles
5. Bamboo Salad bowl (YES!)
6. Stainless-steel mixing bowl (SCORE!)
7. Chafing dish 
8. Bamboo salad tossers
9. 2 Large serving platters
10. Carving set
....and I forgot to give it a number, but that Bamboo cutting board is new too!

It was like Christmas!
{only better because I don't like Christmas and I liked this!}

Those candles are pretty cute right?

She also brought us some sheets, a crap-load of crackers, English muffins, fruit, and a Honey Baked Ham with fancy mustard's for Thursday.

No need for a wedding registry now! We are definitely spoiled and so grateful for her sweetness.

And, I've been freshening up with apartment with a little apple/orange/grapefruit/cinnamon/clove action.

That is all! What's everyone planning on doing to Turkey Day this year? Anything exciting happening?




  1. Yum, Blue Moon is really good, especially on tap.

  2. How sweet!!! My mother-in-law and I get along pretty well, especially as we all currently live with one another. ;) I can't believe the loot y'all came away with! :D

    Thanksgiving will be a massive breakfast and later, feast with a hookah smoke for Jen and I afterwards and of course, blogging and gaming! :D


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