Setting dates.

R and I set a date! 3-9-13:)

I am a big numerology person so after some a lot of research for an auspicious date within the time frame we desired we finally agreed on a day that is worthy of celebrating yearly for the rest of our lives on this planet. (Luckily we are already compatible numbers. I'm a 6, he's a 9.)

March will be gorgeous at the ceremony location and we're still thinking about the reception, but since we have like 474 days {who's counting anyway?} I am sure it will all fall into place and be a beautiful day.

I <3.

Yep, that's us.



  1. CONGRATS!!! Jen and I started dating on February (Friday the) 13th and were married on September 13th, 2007! ^_^ Obviously, 13 is our lucky number!!!

    If I do just our first names, I'm a 4 and Jen's a 1. ^_^

  2. I did our numbers based off our birthdays.. Good days for him were 3,6&9.. Good days for me were 6 & 9.. March 9th 2013 was my first guess, and that particular date is represented by 6,which is the lovers card... So.. I figured it was meant to be;)

    We became an official couple June {Friday} 13th2008- it's a good anniversary because I seem to remember event that have occured on that date more than any other. Ya know?

  3. Hi New Friend :)
    Thanks for stopping by to say hi :) Also, congratulations on planning your wedding. It's a whirlwind of an experience! So enjoy every second!!


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