My tree is up, Thanksgiving is coming and I'm a weirdo.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and despite several bumps in the road I am really excited about hosting dinner this year for Rob's parents and my sweet grandparents.

It really is no surprise to me that my dad and step-mom opted out.

Honestly, I am a little upset that they either don't see, or don't care that it was important for Rob and I to introduce them to his parents; because after all... Rob and I will be spending our lives together.. and umm.. Our parents should meet right?

It's only normal, but that is life.

Luckily, my grandparents were sweet enough to cancel their plans for Thanksgiving in order to join us. They are just so special to me and have provided me with the sort of support and stability I have really been needing over the years. Sometimes we are born to people who aren't ready for us, and luckily for me.. my grandparents have always been willing to assume roles that weren't necessarily theirs to assume, and for that I am so grateful because I really do need them and appreciate them more than I can even put into words.

{I am a spitting-darker haired image of my grandmother when she was my age, weird right?}

....the pic of me isn't a great representation, but you get the picture. :)

Anyway. I always like to put my Winter Solstice Tree up mid November-- I like the ambiance and by mid November I am finally ready to put Halloween stuffs away; I am too lazy to get the holiday box out more than 3 times a year.. so yeah, the tree went up today whilst listening to Last Christmas radio on Pandora.

I personally do not celebrate Christmas-- However, because of my family (and R's too) I end up participating in some of the festivities. Plus, I love sitting in a dark living room with a little Tree decorated with lights and sparkly things; I'm an ambiance person and I am not going to lie, I have a thing for Christmas music.
{My personal favorites are anything by Trans-Siberian Orchestra, WHAM!'s Last Christmas, and Feliz Navidad, and John and Yoko's So this is Christmas (war is over). Christmas music is my favorite to clean to, so I am ashamed to admit that I listen to it quite often.. Isn't that weird! Man I am a big weirdo!}

On Christmas, I usually make my rounds for the good food, sweet hugs, and free wine. ;)
{I am kidding I love seeing my family three times a year that is}:P

Okay, back to Thanksgiving.. R and I purchased a 6 foot table that folds down so we can host a sit down dinner on Thanksgiving. I am getting the apartment ready; rearranging, cleaning, cuddling with cats, and deciding how I am going to make this Thanksgiving really special for our guests.

I wanted to do some sort of "What I'm Thankful for" exchange, but I am not sure how to approach it.. Any suggestions?

And now a little sneaky peak-- I know I've never shared my apartment with you folks (other than moving day) but I'll do that soon enough, we're still working on the "office."

My little tree with family photos.
R and I purchased this ornimate the day we got engaged at Blue Springs. 
Blue Springs is a manatee refuge, so we thought it was a good representation of our favorite special place. 
{On the back it says: "I love you always" and "I love you always too" "R♥R 8.30.11" }

I am working on the "dining" table; I think it looks okay in the nook-- I am going to hit up the craft store later today to find some stuff to decorate. :)

What do you think?

I know I have asked before, but what are your favorite Thanksgiving traditions? I really want to set some traditions for R and I, and since this is our first year as an almost-wed couple I'd love to start something this year that we do every year. :)

Oh sweet nostalgia. 

What's on your agenda for Thanksgiving?




  1. I'm sorry about your parents not cooperating. I know that it can really be frustrating. In-laws in marriage get tough. For some reason I feel like it brings out the worst in people :) but marriage in general is fabulous and i'm really excited for you! Also, I have had my tree up for over a week! :D LOVE IT!

  2. Oh man hosting dinner parties are so overwhelming for me. I hardly have my fiance's family over unles Carlos is cooking. Cooking is what really overwhelms me... especially when I need to make an impression. I'm sure Mom and Dad in law want to know that their son is being fed properly... so the thought of ruining dinner is whats overwhelming. We don't have any Thanksgiving traditions. The usual go to someone's house for thanksgiving dinner... that's it. I hope to create our own traditions when we have children though. Anyway good luck with your dinner party.

  3. Your apartment looks fantastic!! I love that bench in front of the table. I was always stuck on the bench at my grandmother's house but now that I'm not a kid anymore, its the only place I want to sit.

  4. haha! Thanks! That little bench floats around the apartment a lot.. and the table we usually have is "cafe" sized, but I am happy with the holiday set up, I even set up an impromptu friends dinner for tomorrow so we can get some good use out of that large table. :)


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