My plants love November too.

It's no secret that I am obsessed with my patio garden.

I spent my morning repotting, soiling, pruning and setting up clippings for roots so they can be planted and given as gifts this holiday season. I decided that I am not purchasing gifts anymore-- I am encouraging a greener planet by giving my plant babies away. :)

Does that make me cheap or a hippie? I guess I don't care either way.

I went and got some more clay pots and soil.. and then I re-purposed a candle holder by melting out the wax and giving my little cactus some more room to grow.

Remember that ficus I have been rooting, well now he has a home. :)

.... and soon he will have some brothers and sisters. ;)

Then I pruned the money tree to see if I can get some roots. {I know it kinda looks like a pot plant, but trust me I am not in the marijuana growing business. I'm paranoid enough as it is. ;)}

.. and just 'cause, I took some pics of my thriving "pitcher plant"
{He's a carnivore just like a Venus fly trap}.... his name is Goomba.

My peppers are still ripening; since this is my first pepper plant, I am letting them ripen as much as possible so I can see how the process goes-- they are starting to lighten in color-- they started off as a very dark green and now that green is warming up, but I can't tell what color it it will turn next. .

..and my Flapjack/Paddle Succulents seem to be doing alright, but I can't figure out how to get them to grow babies, or prune them... more research on these guys and I will be good to go!

OH and I planted some tomato seeds, so they should be ready for planting after winter.
{Now's the time to start tomato plants}

Now I am going to enjoy the warm day, clean some and hang out with one of my fave gal-pals.

Have a great day ya'll :)



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  1. now I see it! nice plants!! and I have no words for the peppers... woww!


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