Lazy Friday, I'm spoiled & possibly rotten.

I thought last thanksgiving was a hoot, but this one really takes the cake.

It was just so nice to see R's parents and my grandparents chatting up a storm. R and I had to do very little work as far as entertaining goes, and the food was yummy. I was so relaxed because I overly prepared and the older ladies were quite impressed with my entertaining demeanor. ;)

I started off the morning getting to know Hank; he got treated with an olive oil, butter, garlic and basil rub that I make. It's quite tasty if I say so myself.

This is how he came out:

The meat was falling off the bone! I had my grandfather cut the turkey for me, so it was a lot of fun to watch him relish in my successful bird. He was very excited.

Before everyone came over, R and I set the mood with our make shift fire place, Astrud Gilberto radio on pandora and some much needed quality quiet time on the couch. Reason #57 why I am glad I didn't procrastinate in Thanksgiving preparations.

R's mom, R and my grandmother at the table waiting for the Dads to sit.

Then we went around the table and shared 3 things we are all thankful for, said grace and chowed town. 
Loki was especially glad that his lady-mom drank enough wine to cave in and feed him bits of turkey, even though kitties in this house aren't allowed to have people food! 
tsk, tsk.

R and I spent the day today lounging around the apartment, and ended up at one of our favorite restaurants for a late lunch. I got the fish and chips. I really can't resist F n' C, this will be a difficult thing to give up when I go back to being veggie after the Holidays. {Maybe I should still eat fish}

Then my sweet love stopped at TSA; where I became the recipient of a brand new {totally awesome} yoga mat and sweet bike! This is exciting because we love to bike together, and now that we are not in Orlando anymore, my borrowing options are quite limited. 

I have to admit I am feeling a little spoiled right now-- especially since in a few days I will be getting a pair of these in the mail. {I found out SIMPLE isn't distributing anymore (for now anyway) so I had to snag another pair since they are the best things I have ever put on my feet.. If you are looking for the worlds most comfortable shoe, look no more-- really go buy some.. They have vegan friendly pairs too!} You can see my other post about simple shoes here.

I hope everyone had a great holiday!



  1. I love that you named your dinner, hah!
    Sounds like an awesome Thanksgiving, I'm glad it was nice! :)

  2. Such an adorable Thanksgiving y'all had!!! I love how pleased your kitty is with some turkey. *grin* Also, those shoes are so right up my alley. O.O I love 'em!!!

  3. Heck yes, the faux fireplace video! It's a holiday staple for me. I always think it's so funny for some reason.

    Those fish at the bottom of the screen just freaked me out, I thought there was bugs on my computer.


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