Happy Thanksgiving.

Holidays always make me a little bit sad.

My family is all over the US, so it is hard to find a time where we can all afford to get together and have our conflicting schedules not be in the way.

Bummer right?

This time last year we were in Palm Springs, California with my mom, her boyfriend, his kids... and Terry was so kind, and flew out not only R and I, but also my brother, sister, sisters fiance and my baby niece.

Avalon (Terry's girl), me, Jeremy (T's boy), my mom & Terry, brother Conner and sister Taylor

It was a really special time because I can honestly count on one hand all of the times I have been with both of my siblings and mother at the same time in the past 10 years on one hand. (so sad).

And this year, my dad and step mom decided black Friday shopping is better than coming to PSL (They are great with priorities) I just hope there isn't a Rocky Marathon on my wedding day.. so unfortunately, they won't be joining our feast here..


My grandparents are coming and Rob's parents too, so really.. it's going to be a great day. I think I have mentioned before that my grandparents really play a huge supportive role in my life {all of them really}. But this particular pair has really backed me up over the years-- so I am forever grateful {and somewhat indebted} for them.

Some more things I am grateful for:

-My sweet love, Rob {Who surprised me with an hour long deep tissue massage yesterday}
-My little fur balls, I know.. they are cats... but they are mine, and I love them.
-The Occupy Movement. {Yes, it's true.. I've been wishing for this to happen for years now}
-Red wine
-John Lennon {How can you miss someone you never met and is also dead?}
-Picasso {He never gets old to me}
-God Speed YOU! Black emperor. {esp. the Lift your Skinny Fists album-- best music everrrr}
-My awesome friends. {That mean blog friends too, fret not}
....and most importantly...
I am so, so, so grateful for a roof over my head, food in my belly and clean water to drink.

I am also grateful that I am no longer 24, and I have entered the downward slope  into my 30's into a new quarter of my life. :)  However, I do wish I didn't have to share my bday with Thanksgiving, because all of my friends are out of town right now, and I miss their pretty/hansom faces.

It's time to tend to my kitchen folks, have a safe, beautiful day filled with lots of love, happiness.. and try not to fight at the dinner table! I know that's a tradition for some families on the holidays!

.. and make sure you thank that turkey for giving up his fun life on the "farm" in the woods for your dining pleasure!




  1. Ryan i have been dieing to stop by and catch up. But, i have been so busy trying to write posts. Thanks for the shout up. You know that i always love ypur visits.

    BTW you have a beautiful family. Have a blessed and joyful holiday.

  2. enjoy your day, and your birthday. I hope it is a great as you want it to be.

  3. Hey Skylar lol happy thanksgiving, even though it isn´t something we celebrate here, it´s always good to think about the little things we take for granted, there are always those worse off... Happy Bday aswell, hope your 25th year is a good one.
    Peace ;)


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