Shoe Review: Simple Slides

I went for a ride on the long-board this morning, and it made me remember how much I love these shoes:

I received these as valentines day gift from my love this year, and I think they might be the only pair of shoes I've owned without a "break in" period. 
They are like putting your feet in little pillows from heaven. 
They slide right on, and they are comfortable to wear all day. 
All day walking at that. 
I also feel like I am getting proper foot support without the shoe changing my foot. 

They are $55, vegan and recycled.  
Personally all of these attributes are appealing to me.  
I am always looking for vegan and recycled products because they are green. With out getting preachy; green is better- we only have one planet... for now. 
While I think it is totally normal for man to consume and use animal products ethically, as a former seven year vegan/vegetarian, I really hold true to a lot of those values, and try to choose vegan and recycled over products that aren't.
(Except my brown leather boots that I am obsessed with)

So these shoes make me happy, happy.  You can also purchase them in a lace up version, and there are several colors available. I didn't see my color online, but as I mentioned I received them in February.

Find out where you can get a pair here or buy them online. They are seriously worth it. I don't even like real shoes, and I love these. 
I should also mention that I am just a fan of a product, Simple doesn't even know who the heck I am, let alone that I exist, or that this review exists..

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  1. I love slip-on shoes, but I am too wed to my New Balance sneakers to try anything else lol.



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