I'm grumpy today, so here is a sh*t list.

I am generally a pretty positive person.

Cynical at times, sarcastic definitely, occasionally anxiety ridden and a little cranky, but generally you can count on me to view the glass as half full, see the brighter side and make the best of the situation. 

Today I am a total cranky-jerk and I just can't shake it.

I must bitch. I need to complain. I just gotta get it out.
So I apologize in advance. 

1. When I was 11 or 12 I fell off my bike, the bikes handle bars went right into my rib cage, and if any of you have knocked a rib out of place or broken a rib, you know that there is really nothing that can be done.

I have not gotten a good night sleep in months because of this freaking rib-- yoga makes it a little better temporarily, but it is really starting to piss me off and make me want to choke something.

2. Is it just me or do big time bloggers have the least interesting things to say? I of course read them still, they are referenced so often in blogs I do like... they are hard to avoid. Call me a jerk, but I really just don't understand how some of these people have a gazillion followers when all they do is post pictures of their kids or themselves, give advice on how to be more like them, introduce sponsors and host giveaways-- where you are required to "like" them on every social media outlet in existence.

I can't decide if it annoys me because it feels like a popularity contest, or if it annoys me because I just wish more people would care less about impressing others and more about improving themselves. Maybe I am missing something? Maybe I am being judgey? I don't know.. but for some reason this has been on my shit list lately.

I'm not saying I have anything against sharing your family, or life, or outfits or whatever.. but I mean, ya know.. the big leaguers...there is just something about it that is so CNN or FOX news about them to me.. in a non-political way... ya know?Yes? No.. Maybe? It's just me? ok.

3. Why can't cats clean their own poop box? More importantly, would it kill them to do some chores around here? This is what they do all day long.

4. Daylight savings is really screwing up my schedule. I was already an early riser, but now.. I am up a whole hour earlier, because guess what.. I CAN'T SLEEP WHEN THE SUN IS UP. WTF. must sleeeeeeeep. I am up at about 5:45 am now-- and I usually don't go to sleep until about midnight. {No wonder I am bitchzilla today}

5. I want a massage. I want to buy myself new clothes. I want, I want, I want... and it is annoying the everliving piss out of me that I can not just be content with what I have right now.

I'm not even PMSing, so what gives?

Also R said that I was nagging this morning, which I WAS NOT and now I just want to be mad at him all day, even though I know he doesn't deserve that and he just couldn't think of a better word for my crankiness and unwillingness to help him find something before I had my coffee this morning. AND really, being mad at him, just makes me more uptight and mad with myself.

I need to get over this shit mood of mine because I invited friends over for dinner, and I don't even think red wine can cure this.

However, I do feel a little better not that I have been bitching to my bliggity-blog for the past 20 minutes-- and R is cleaning the cat box right now and I didn't even mention that it was something I was dreading.  The kitties must have asked him to help, since they don't have opposable thumbs. 

Okay that is all. Next time I will be happier and less beeeeotchy.



  1. Can I just say I wish we were besties? Because you and I are so alike it's kind of creepy. But I totally get it about the big bloggers. I can't even read most blogs anymore because if they aren't posting Wordless Wednesday's, they are doing every other meme. Shut the fuck up. I read blogs to get the dirt and to realize I'm not the only crazy in the hood. It's like, I don't care you like that picutre of a tree. Or that you are happy on Saturday. Or that you like these 10 things on Tuesday. You sound like a loser without a life.

    And I think I'm genuinely PMS'ing. And my boobs hurt.

  2. I am seriously in love with you right now. ;)


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