Fresh herbs in a jar center piece

My herbs were getting out of control-- Did not know that basil grows like a weed so it is a very good thing that we love basil because I have been eating a lot of this......

As always I am trying to reproduce my plants, and I had so much fun watching that ficus root I decided to make the process a fixture in the kitchen & on the table..

{The ficus rooting over ~ 2 months time.}

 Now I have a new tree!
Gardening is by far becoming my most favorite thing. 

I've been wanting to bring some green indoors, especially the herbs so I can will use them in cooking more often. 

So this is what I did, and I think I might be in love...

I am most definitely using this as my center piece for Thanksgiving. I will spruce it up of course-- maybe add some candles, and some of the rooting plants from outside.  {Shown: Rosemary, Basil and Parsley}

once they grow roots they will be planted and given away as Holiday presents. :)

"Use plants to bring life." ~Douglas Wilson


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  1. Eeee! I followed you from 20sb and this is just a wonderful post - 'tis put a big smile on my face. I'm totally in love with gardening, and especially bringing some green into the home!!!

    I love watching anything grow! Such fun!


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