FLIFF & stuff.

Ft. Lauderdale was good times. We bounced back and forth between FLIFF (Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival) events, ocean-side restaurants with blue moon on tap and the kava bar.

The Encore of Tony Duran was great, really great. We got to spend some time with the director over the course of the weekend and our time was filled with great advice and insight on making movies and working with people within that structure. As someone who is always willing to learn, I was happy to meet someone who was willing to teach and lead. (Another person we met over the weekend spent most of his time trying to discourage us and boast about himself-- Ego's are really unattractive.) As I am sure I've mentioned, we're pretty into film and making films.

I also met a really spunky lady who happens to be an art dealer with a few successful galleries in South Florida and also in Southern Cali-- I think I might have some pieces that are right up her ally-- my hope is that she'll be willing to take a young emerging artist under her wing and give me some wall time.  
A girl can dream.

A lot of cool things happened this weekend in my personal life too, which I will be sharing soon. I think I finally found my calling. I've been hearing my name, but couldn't see myself anywhere in particular. I have literally been floating around like a space cadet-- but, finally I figured it out.. and I feel pretty great about it.

That is all.

How was your weekend?


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  1. Excited that you found your true calling, and looking forward to hearing which direction your life will take you. I have never been to a film festival but it is definitely on my list - I love me some good cinema.



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