Getting spiritual on Ft Lauderdale Beach.

Fort Lauderdale reminds me of a less rambunctious, smaller version of Miami.

Last night my sweet love treated me to some Thai, then we headed over for a few adult beverages and on our way home, we checked out the Kava Bar since they are few and are between. (I don't recommend drinking alcohol and drinking Kava in the same day-- bad times for the liver).

{What is kava? Kava is a natural suppressant and muscle relaxer that comes from a plant related to the Black Pepper-- it is mostly a body experience, but it also helps with things like social anxiety. It has a very bitter taste and makes your mouth numb, and yes it is legal.}

At the Kava bar we met a barefooted-yogi guru who claimed to be 40, but looked like he was 28. I could tell his soul had been around much longer than that. Rob and I listened intently to what he had to say. He told us we are in dark times, and it is important to nurture the light within us so we can become a beacon for others. Unbeknown to us, Rob and I both had very similar "spiritual" encounters almost all day long, completely separate from each other-- He had to work, and I was with my mother.

Seemed important.

Earlier in the day I was sitting with my mom, having lunch and two psychic mediums were sitting behind me having a conversation to each other-- they weren't "tuned in" but they were helping each other-- I listened in as they talked about vibrations and spirit guides-- This is how I knew they were mediums. One of them said to the other: "Most of the time people don't even realize they have passed--  they are zapped into a new life so fast, they don't even know-- Life just keeps moving on and you go exactly where you need to go when it is time."

After we met the yogi-- a regular came in with a sprained ankle-- the guru said "I can help you, I am a therapist" I am assuming he used Riki because with a few gentle touches and a couple of deep Ohms, this guy was feeling better.

I witnessed so many magical things yesterday.
Isn't it funny how you end up exactly where you need to be, exactly when you need it?

Has anyone else experienced random spiritual messages, of any spiritual variety?

xo, r


  1. Haven't experienced random spiritual messages such as these, but Thai food and Kava sounds like an awesome combination. Spirituality is so important for all of us - helps us find peace and get in touch with ourselves. Enjoy your moments of rest and relaxation.


  2. whenever I feel restless in my life, I remember that I am exactly where I'm supposed to be, at this point in my life. so I let go of restlessness and let it be. things seem to go alot smoother (and progress to the next step sooner) when I do that.


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