Thanksgiving is coming... too soon.

I can't even believe that it is already the 8th of November.
Seriously, where does all the time go?

This weekend I am off to Salt Lake City to see my favorite gal; we have shoe and dress shopping, yoga and noshing on the agenda-- But with this weekend spared in the name of fun, that leaves me with only 2 weeks to get all my Thanksgiving party details ironed out-- throw in my inclination to procrastinate, and I am scared I might be doomed.

We have the menu planned out already-- but I am having a hard time deciding how to decorate the table. This will be the first time we've hosted R's parents for dinner and while I am sure they will hardly notice any imperfections-- I will be stressing myself thin over every detail.

I was thinking about trying this Green Tea Cake recipe; first and foremost, I love the color and secondly , I love green tea ice cream, so I can only imagine how good it is in cake form.

....plus it's something a little different than the typical seasonal fare. I mean really, I want to lick my computer screen now. I am not a baker.. so a part of me is thinking for the sake of having a conniption free day I should stick to what I know.

Since I am an aesthetics junkie, I am really hoping I can find Thanksgiving decor that meshes well with what I already have happening in my apartment-- Looks like I will need to find some good DIY projects and get crafty. Has anyone seen anything worth mention on pinterest or elsewhere? I am having a hard time finding stuff I like.

I think keeping it simple is probably my best bet-- but now I need something to wear.

The agony of being a domesticated woman.

What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving traditions? Do tell!



  1. eeek! It has been way too long since we have blog talked! So good to hear from you!!
    This green desert looks amazing, by the way.
    I am thinking of making some pumpkin bars for Thanksgiving..

    Glad to see you are well!


  2. I think it's up to you. Your guests will definitely appreciate your bravery for trying a new recipe with them, or you can make everything easier on yourself and go with some tried and true favorites lol. Either way your Thanksgiving dinner is going to be a hit!



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