Michelle Jones Foundation

My senior year of High School I got a call from my mother late one night, she was informing me that one of her very best friends from High School was murdered. 

I was completely shocked. 

I never knew anyone who knew anyone who was murdered;
let a lone know someone personally who was murdered. 
When I heard the news I automatically remembered the last time I saw her. 
We had a random run in at Universal Studios, during one of the summer night concert series.. 
I think Hootie and the Blow Fish was playing.

The horrific events that took place surrounding her death were documented via CBS 48 Hours Mystery. 

You can watch it and find out more about the Michelle Jones Foundation here.

If you are on Facebook, please request Friends of Michelle Lynn Jones;  
By doing so, you will be signing a petition for congress to pass law against invisible criminals.

Michelle was murdered at the hands of her uncle; who as a child murdered his pregnant mother. Because he was a juvenile the record of murdering his own mother was expunged upon turning 18. 
He was able to move to another state and live his life without anyone knowing his violent history. 

Charlie Brant has been linked to several murders outside of murdering his mother, Michelle and his wife Terri. 

This is something very important to many people who are very special to me, so if you have the time, and wouldn't mind "friending" her page, and passing on the message to your loved ones so this law can be passed once and for all; it would be something very special as today marks the 7 year anniversary of her passing. 

Michelle and her aunt Terri

Thank you for your support.
xo, r


  1. Wow...stopped by to let you know I put a chart on my weight loss community page for people to join in if they want, but this just blew me away! It just reminds me of the ridiculously high percentage of women that are murdered by, not only someone they know, but someone they're intimate with. I can't imagine the pain and suffering this has caused, but I hope she is remembered for the beautiful woman she seems to be. Sending good thoughts your way...

  2. Wow. This is simply heart-breaking. I hope you are able to spread the word about this, as it definitely deserves the attention.

  3. What a terrible tragedy. It becomes even more shocking, and saddening, because of these "invisible criminals" - a concept I admit that I was very unfamiliar with until now. The page has been friend requested - wishing you best of luck with your efforts to publicize this issue.


  4. God damn, that's awful. I don't believe in the expunged after you're 18 on most things so I'm definitely on board.


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