I'm back! 

I had a really refreshing and productive week last week. More on that later.

The moving process has finally begun. I am not sure what is more exciting; having a non-long distance relationship again, living together or unpacking ALL MY THINGS!

My knick-knacks, kitchen supplies, curtains.. all resurrected from the boxes that have been their home for the past 6 months. And the books, oh my books, the sweet smell of literature and reference. 

I can't wait to put them back on their shelves. 

More later. 

xo, r


  1. Moving is rough, wishing you the best of luck! <3 and welcome back, of course!

  2. Moving is rough, but also somewhat fun. It's like getting a fresh start...new place, new living arrangements, and a great opportunity to purge all of the old stuff you never use. Have fun!



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