The day R and I have been talking about for months has finally arrived.

(Okay lets get real, I haven't shut up about it and he humors me by saying things like; Everything is going to be so awesome once you are here or Life will be a lot better when we are living together or my favorite I know muffin, you are very excited..)

I have been living in and out of boxes since February.

As I am sure I have mentioned more than once I lost my real job in January; this was something I had been quietly anticipating the 3 months prior as I was working in the home building industry and I knew we were spending more money than we were making. That almost always = lay offs for the bottom of the food chain (such as myself).

{I've managed to at least organize a fore mentioned boxes and hang some curtains, that's a start right?}

Luckily I had been saving some money for a wedding I was suppose to attend (and didn't), so that allowed me to live in my apartment a little bit longer than I would have otherwise. 

All good things have endings so I swallowed my pride and rented a room from my grandmother for 2 months and this summer I took care of my grandfathers property and beloved golden retriever whist he and his wife summered in Europe. 

Life has a funny way of working out if you are flexible, but I am really ready for the new chapter to begin-- and by the grace of the universe it has. 

While I really appreciate the time I have been able to spend with my grandparents, living in someone elses home (with your three cats I might add) makes relaxing a thing of the past; Someone elses stuff, someone elses life.. someone elses everything.. It's hard.
I am sure they will be happy to have their lives back to normal as well.

ANYWAY. I am sorry I have been a bad blogging friend, I have been limited to my iPhone since I have been back and forth so much-- I'm reading, just not commenting (I cant figure the stupid thing out), but all my negligence should end after this weekend. 

I hope all of my "blogging friends" are behaving themselves (at least a little) and living well. 

Peace and Love, 


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  1. I'm sure these months you have spent living out of boxes and with your grandparents have been tough. Living without a sense of permanency can definitely take its toll on you...but it will all be worth it very soon!

    And you're a great blogging friend lol.



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