Moving Part I

The day started with loading my car with the final items I took with me to my grandfathers house. 
My guitar, ukulele.. patio furniture.. plants and of course El Tres Gatos.

Kisses were exchanged between the species. 
I guess their indifference towards each other all summer was just a show.

Rudy was very sad to see his kitty friends leave.

Since R's former roommate is still moving things out of the master bedroom... I was forced to stop the unpacking process.. I think he might think it was rude of me to pack up the room for him... Right? 
Don't give me any ideas.

So I was forced to enjoy a glass of vino (or two) on the terrace while dinner cooked. (shucks)
I really enjoy my plants and September evenings AND red wine..

I invited R's coworker for dinner since we was being a dear and helping R out with his car. 

Rob has a lot of Ryan and Brian friends in PSL.
This could get confusing.

Now I am off to Sam's Club, so I can spend money to save money. 


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  1. I bet it was painful forcing that wine down. ;)
    Congrats on the move!! This is very exciting.


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