Favorite Finds v.6: Complements of Notcot.org

Oh, HI there. 

Happy Friday! Friday's are always happy for me because they mean I get to see the lover boy. I suppose I should stop complaining about being in a long distance relationship, because it really could be worse. 

I made some chicken and rice, which we may or may not eat tonight and there is a good possibility we will go see some live music at a local bar which is conveniently located on the beach. I think there might be some starry, oceany romance in my future and lucky R, I splurged on some pretty undergarments today because I was feeling... less than pretty this morning. Yoga pants are never sexy.

We have a busy weekend planned. My daddy-o has a birthday, so we are going to make our rounds in Orlando on Sunday. Harass our parents, kiss peoples babies (not), eat some food and grab a load of boxes because before we know it, it will be moving day. 

Yes sir-y bob, we're taking the plunge and moving in together. You know what that means? NO MORE LONG DISTANCE. Thank god!

Hopefully I can maintain that I do not produce bodily waste post move in; I really don't want to ruin my squeaky clean, flatulent (of all varieties) free image. I'm a true lady folks, minus my fucking potty mouth.

I didn't spend much time on the Internet the week since I was finishing that mural I have been working on, so I don't have many favorites to share. Plus, pinterest is being an ass hole and not letting me on so how about an abridged, half-assed version of some favorite finds. Yes? Okay, good. Here you go:

This 'proto-barn' is spectacular. I can see R and I having one of these in our backyard one day. Yea, I know-- we have great taste. Hopefully we never have an HOA.

If I don't get one of these I will kill something cute; okay I wont, but I will think about it.

Re-purposed drainage pipes in Mexico! I want to stay in the Tubo Hotel!

A space hotel? R is going to crap his pants when I show him this.

All links courtesy of notcot.org, my favorite place besides blogger and facebook. ha.

Have a great weekend,
xo, r


  1. Ryan, you just crack me up. I cannot stop giggling.
    I know how you feel about the bodily functions, every time i think about it i remember an episode of Sex and the City; when Carrie farted in front of Mr. Big. Its like you want the ground to open up and swallow you.

    I know it is crazy and unrealistic and someday the illusion is going to come crashing down but being seen as the fart girl (LMAO)is a real fear.

    It's CRAZY I know.


    BTW: CONGRATS!!!!!

  2. When Matt and I moved in together (um... 9 years ago. Jesus I'm old.) he INSISTED on coming into the bathroom when I peed. I eventually had to have a completely serious discussion of why I don't feel comfortable talking to you while you brush your teeth and I'm peeing. It's all sorts of wrong.

  3. Haha omg. I seriously LOLed at that.


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