Music Monday: Danger Beach

Danger Beach. 

I came across this band a few weeks ago, and I have been in love ever since.

I love the airy, surf rock feel and strong emphasis on the instrumental aspects over vocals. Some songs contain lyrics, and others don't; This for me is a highlight since I am a huge fan of vocal-free tunes.  

Danger Beach shows the more mellow side of Lachlan Thomas who is one half of the band Assassins 88; where neo-punk meets surf rock. Good stuff, but I like Danger Beach much better.

When I listen to Danger Beach I feel like I should be frolicking the beach with my love, dancing and kart wheeling in the sunrise.  
If I ever get married, this album really embodies the feeling I would want to have at my wedding. It's happy, and real and makes you want to sway your hips. 

I think Apache is my favorite song off the debut album Milky Way
Plus the music video is pretty sweet too.

 You can listen to the album in its entirety by clicking here.

Want more Danger Beach? Click here.


xo, r



  1. hey girl! in response to your comment on my blog, yes this is our first apartment together, so we're extra excited :) congrats to you and your boyfriend too!

  2. Thats a great song!!

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  3. Not my usual style of music, but nevertheless it's a refreshing change of pace. I'm more in love with that music video. It's so cool, and very original.



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