My other loves.

There is some seriously sweetness that happens in my life.
I'm obsessed with these three sweet little sugar plumps plums.

Meet my sweet little family. 
Left to right: Mah, Loki and Bartlebe.

The best pumas cats a girl could have accidentally acquired.

I purposely got Mah, and she was preggers (I didn't know!) with two sweet boys who I couldn't even pretend to attempt finding new homes for.

I mean really, could you part with either of those sweet little faces?

I love my sweet little things; They've moved with me a good 10 times (no joke), they're friendly, they sleep with me every night (to R's dismay, they sleep with him too when he's in town) and gosh they are cute!

I'll make a shot out to my love Xander too; my sweet wolf hybrid who lives with the parentals (not by choice).
He says: I ruv roo ryyyan
Fun thing about wolves, they try to talk because their people talk.
I swear I will get it on record before he leaves us.
It's the most heart wrenching I love you I have ever received.

Furry beings are good little friends; time for cuddling. 

xo, r


  1. omg! i love kitties!! yours are so cute... i have four, myself :)


  2. My cats rock socks as well. I have a thing for animals with non-gross deformities. Like.. I probably couldn't do an animal with a giant tumor or one eyeball or something, but Stumpy's half tail and Batman's tail nub are awesome. And as an added bonus, I'm pretty sure they are both mentally retarded. It's like a buy one get one sale.

  3. Those kitten pictures are so cute! The adult cats are also cute, of course...but kittens, man. Freaking kittens. They can turn you to jelly with one glance of those innocent little eyes. The one on the right actually reminds me of my cat when he was a kitten, we have some pictures taken from last October.

    Xander also looks quite lovable. Because he is part wolf is his demeanor any different from that of a dog?


  4. There are days, where hours upon hours are spent googling cats doing cute things, or being fat, or stupid. They are just so cute it's disgusting. It's a problem.

    and yes, hybrids behave differently than your standard domestic. They are pack animals, and strive being treated that way. Wolves are a lot less eager to please, and they are stupid smart. X is our second wolf-- the first one was a lot wolfier than him, and she was really difficult. She did not want to be submissive, which is bad when kids are around-- which there were. X is happy as a beta-- he is protective of myself and my little sister, and I am pretty sure he views me as an equal. I personally do not think I will ever have another type of dog, but they are definitely the kind of animal that requires a lot of knowledge.. because their interaction with the family is different by nature. Plus they are illegal in a lot of states.


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