Friday Faves: Ideal Apartment

I might be weird, but I actually kind of like apartment living. 
I have been living in my grandfathers big ole house this summer (house/dog sitting) and to be honest, it really makes me miss my tiny studio. 

I am certainly not complaining; it is REALLY nice to be living in a place where I can invite my friends to stay the night after dinner parties, its pretty awesome to have a pool in the back yard-- especially since I can't chunky dunk skinny dip in public pools, and lets face it.. granite counter tops, large kitchens and multiple bathrooms is pretty much the best thing since red wine in juice box's sliced bread.  

But with 4 animals in the house, and messy me-- clean up it really overwhelming at times. 

I am sure I have mentioned R and I will be getting our first place together at the end of September, so I have been collecting reference on how I would like our place to look. 
I'm old fashioned (minus the whole moving in before marriage thing) so, I really think the home is the woman's domain. Plus, if I let R have too much say our apartment would look something like this:

space staion much? I <3 my nerd.

SO, without further ado, this addition of Favorite Finds features a couple of ideas I have for rooms and accessories I'd love to have in my our ideal apartment. :)

 I was in a hurry so I didn't pay much attention to placement, sorry.

Grey, blue and yellow seem to really catch my eye for the bedroom. I love this color scheme.

Isn't this tree detail perfect in place of a head board? The lighting is romantic and awesome!

One thing we agree on is growing our own herbs, this is such a great idea!

Whatcha think? 
R will probably hate all the color, but a girl can dream.. and plus.. 
I am the boss, so he will just have to deal with it. :)
AND I incorporated some tasteful nerd details, I thought about him too. Briefly.

Have a great weekend!

xo, r


  1. Love all those ideas!
    I had grand plans to decorate my place but then suddenly paint and everything seemed really expensive!

  2. Girl you are telling me. Paint is pricy. I usually just paint one wall in a room and then hang colorful paintings on the other walls for balance.. its a good solution if you do it right. :)

  3. The more color the better!

    And yes, apartment living is fun. Somewhat cozy. I have yet to own a home - only apartments and dorm rooms - but as of now I still prefer it. Nice homes are for older people. Apartments are so...young. Haha.


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