Salmon &Tarter Sauce

Last night I made some yummy eats. 

Since my camera has been on the Fritz (Sad FACE) I couldn't take pictures. 

I'll start with the Tarter Sauce.
My tarter sauce will rock your socks off, even if you don't like tater sauce (I usually don't); This stuff is UH-MAZ-ING!

What you'll need:
1/2 cup Mayonnaise*
1/2 cup Plain Yogurt*
2 green onions 
4 tbs Garlic Dill Pickle (I like the Ba'hai brand)
1tbs pickle juice
2-3 cloves garlic

*You can use 1 cup of mayo, or 1 cup of plain yogurt instead of mixing them. I like to combine them because the yogurt is a little too thin and since I use REAL mayo, they mayo has a little too much fa, the tarter sauce is too good to only have a little bit. 

In a bowl, add your yogurt and mayo, chopped green onions, chopped dill pickle and chopped garlic and mix together. Place in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour, before serving add a little paprika. 

Easy peasy!

You can put the Tarter sauce on Fish, Turkey Burgers, grilled shrimp.. anything really. I should also mention that I absolutely HATE pickles, but they ROCK in this sauce. :D

Now the Salmon.
Salmon is great with no seasoning, but I like to marinate mine in a little balsamic vinegar dressing, and a special spice blend my Bulgarian granny brings back with her. 

But a little pepper with the dressing or just EVOO will create something yummy too. 

After my fish marinated for a little while, I popped it in the skillet on medium heat with a little EVOO.
I cook the salmon with the skin; cooking SKIN SIDE first. 
I did not cut the salmon into serving sizes first, so for about 1lb of fish I cooked it for about 7 mins on skin side, and 4 mins on side two. 
If your fish is already portioned out: You will probably cook it on Skin Side for about 5 mins and side two for about 2 mins.

Adjust the times depending on if you like your Salmon medium or Medium rare. 
Just watch it, every stove top is going to be different. Generally for a medium cook through, once you see the color lightening up almost half way through the fish its time to flip. 

If you want it medium rare, you'll want it to become light about a quarter of the thickness before you flip it. You follow?

I personally think it tastes better medium-rare, and I think that opinion is shared with all the great chefs out there-- but it's up to you. Just don't over cook it because that's when it starts tasting fishy.. in a bad way

I also made some Zucchini fries, but I need to perfect those before I share a recipe.. they were okay, but I could have done some things differently. 




  1. thanks for posting this!!!

    jos xx

  2. You are quite welcome! Let me know if you try the tarter sauce :)


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