FnC, Beach'n bike rides, and boba. oh my.

R and I went back to the ole Pig and Whistle yesterday for round two of Fish N' Chips. 

Then we took the cruisers on the beach and went for a ride. 

Can you believe that we have both lived in Florida our entire lives (with the exception of my 4 years in Chicago) and neither one of us have gone on a Beach'n Bike ride?

It was probably the most glorious thing we could have done yesterday. 

We rode for an hour, and then hit up a little Asian run ice cream shop for some Boba Tea and then hung out at The Dinosaur Store (EEEEK!) whilst we sipped our boba. 

Have you ever had Boba? I didn't like it the first time I tried it, now I'm a huge fan. 
My favorite flavor is avocado-almond. Yesterday I had the green tea latte.

What is Boba you ask? Essentially its a tapioca pearl-- a chewy, very mild flavored little surprise in your drink. Looks something like this:
Most of the time the drink is pretty filling too, so it's a great snack! 
I have zero intention of finding out how many calories I consume while enjoying this drink.
Sometimes ignorance really is bliss.

Then we came home and ordered a Hawaiian pizza (another fave!), watched a storm roll in and ended the night with a little Iron Chef. 
I'm out of coffee, so that's a great excuse to hit up starbucks on the way to the beach for round II!

I hope everyone is having a beautiful and safe weekend!



  1. I've never had Boba before but I've heard of it. Looks yummy :) Thanks for your sweet comment the other day btw, I always appreciate your kind words :)

  2. I don't usually count calories too. I find that when i start counting calories i start seeing fat on me that is not there. Not that i am super skinny or anything. But i totally agree, ignorance is bliss.

    Thanks for the tips. I usually sun dry my clothes because i live in Jamaica and it is the norm. But i will definitely try the hanger next time it is overcast or raining.

    Lioness- I am really enjoying your blog.


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