Transformers 3(realD)!

My love and some of my awesome friends worked on Transformers 3(d), so naturally I love it.

Working hard means playing harder.

After several hours of watching the Autobots outsmart the Decepticons, we headed over to a neighboring restaurant, where his company very generously treated employees and guest to a fabulous night of bowling, dancing, drinking and eating. 

I can honestly say, I have never met so many passionate, driven and talented people. We had a blast!

 We I danced... where is Rob!?

We laughed at Zach.

We hung out with great friends.

and.. we got caught being sweet a few times.

Three cheers for artists doing what they love (and getting paid to do so!) 

Have a safe weekend!


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  1. I saw the movie and enjoyed it very much, especially since the 3D wasn't gimmicky as it is for so many movies. It's awesome that your guy worked on it!



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