Friday Faves: Stripes Part II.

I have become a full blown striped crazed lunatic. 

While I was at Walmart for my weekly wine run (you can't beat decent cheap wine), this sun dress caught my eye. Since I didn't care for it as a dress, I turned it into a really cute A-line, high-waist skirt with sash. 
(here it is)
Not to shabby for wally-world.

(Skirt- walmart $15, Light grey tank Tank-thrift store $3, Blue cardigan- Oldnavy $8 (sale!)= $26 total)

Here are some more awesome people rocking stripes!

My buddy Pablo wore stripes! 
(Hey, I am wearing a Picasso shirt right now, represent.)

Grace liked stripes!
(Does anyone know where I can kind a shirt like this?)

Audrey Hepburn knew what was up...

Jean did too!

And Marylin Monroe looking gorgeous as always, in this turtle neck striped dress.


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