"Do what you love, and do it often"

I have some exciting news! 

I have been commissioned to do a mural for a school gymnasium! 
It's a simple job, but when you get paid to do what you love it's really exciting and very rewarding. 

For three years I worked as a receptionist/office assistant for a fairly large home builder. I thought I liked my job, ya know... good hours, paid holidays, salary, benefits.. it was a good gig, especially for someone who had to put their BFA on hold until money started growing on trees (still waiting). 

In January of this year I was laid off (along with about 12 other people); luckily I was hired on by another company the very next week, and the week after that I was promoted to a manager position. I started to realize that this new company and I had very little in common. For instance, I don't lie... they do. I just couldn't handle the stress of trying to keep up with lies and inconsistencies, so I walked in to the HR office, handed over my company iPhone and said:

"I can not compromise my moral integrity for a corrupt company that doesn't have the customers or employees best interest in mind. I'd rather scrub toilets at a gas station than go home everyday hating myself for working here. Here are your things" 
(Yes, I really did say this, verbatim)

Then I handed her a piece of paper to sign verifying that I returned all their belongings so she couldn't deduct anything from my paycheck. 
Deducting monies from former employees paychecks was common practice, unbelievable I know.. 
But I kid you not my friends.
You got to be smart and cover your ass.

When I think about these 2 minutes of my life, I just smile. I was so proud of myself for standing up for what I believed in.  Did I mention when I went into her office I was dressed and ready to go to the beach? If that's not a big Eff-You, I don't know what is.

That week I decided I was going to focus on my art, because art that is what I love. Happiness is so simple.

If we live our lives waking up each morning, dreading the day.. what kind of life is that?  
I want to wake up excited about my day, so that is what I do now.

I realized that even when I had that job with the home builder, the only thing I really liked about it was seeing my step mom everyday, having the same days off as Rob and some of my co-workers were pretty rad, but for the most part, I was so unstimulated I couldn't stand myself.  
No wonder I had a nervous breakdown.  
(This is a different can of worms that I will get into later; I experienced complete HELL on earth for about four months of my life last year; I just don't think I can articulate that experience well enough to share yet)
The other thing I liked about that job was being able to live in my own apartment. A recluse such as myself does not fair well with roomies. :)

I know the economy is tough, but it's not impossible.
Nothing is impossible if you work for it. 

SO, all that being said.. I start on Monday. I will be sure to document all the highlights of my very first mural experience. 
(I've done play backdrops, but that was volunteer work) 
I had such a crummy day yesterday, so this news was just what the doctor ordered. 

Hope everyone is having a beautiful day, 
xo R

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