Drum to a different beat.

My love and I went to see Midnight in Paris last night; We walked out of the movie completely in love. With the movie, each other, our craft. We're both art junkies; so the fact that the protagonist was hanging out with Duchamp, Dali, Picasso, Hemingway and all the other genius' of the 1920's probably contributed to our happiness. 
How amazing would it be to receive advice from the elites of art and literature?

After the movie, we decided to walk the boulevard, and grab a drink at the Pizza Gallery, fitting I know. 
I was gifted one of these awesome do-dads:
$4 at Books-A-Million, it's made in China, but it felt too good to pass up. :)

There are very few people who have peeled my layers away, R is one of them.

He said to me last night (while we enjoyed our adult beverages), in regards to my bouts of depression;
It's hard for people like us sometimes. We drum to a different beat and go on our own path.
I looked at him and sighed, he continued,  
You are on your own path, keep going and you'll find the others on their own path along the way.

I realized in that moment why I love him so much, he sees right through me and he still thinks I'm great.

Connecting with people is something I've always had a hard time with. I enjoy people, but I don't enjoy complaining, negativity, yadda-yadda. I have enough baggage of my own. Yeah, sure.. no one has a perfect life, but problems are best solved when you take action to resolve them, not bitch and moan about them. Therapy never works for me, I just don't like talking about my problems..
I ended a lot of friendships recently because I felt like I was becoming their problem dumping grounds, the only thing I got out of a lot of those friendships was too drunk, stressed out or worried.

I often feel lonely. I don't have a tight knit group of friends (comes with the recluse territory), but to have someone (in my case I have at least two people) that know me, just as well as I know myself, makes all those lonely feelings fade away. 

 My female soul mate & #1 best friend.

My sugary sweet love, best friend and soul-mate and I in Palm Springs, Ca. 

While R and I were sitting and sipping, I noticed a couple who appeared to be on their first date. It reminded me of the first time R and I realized we were more than just friends, and how different we were back then, but one thing has always remained the same.. We know each other with out having to say a word.

Who knows you like you do? How do you remedy bad connections with people? 
How do grown ups make friends? Life has so many unanswered questions.

xo. r

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