Silver Lake dumping grounds- A rant.

You know what I hate about hipsters? They are freaking morons.

All of them. MORONS. Too busy being cool to think about how real adults behave.

APPARENTLY, according to forbes, I live in the hippest hood the USofA has to offer, and all living here has done is validate that I freaking HATE hipsters, HATE them.. Especially artists who are also hipsters. WORSE COMBO EVER.

For 3 weeks now, this pile of shit has only gotten bigger. We've had 3 garbage pick ups since the mess started, and there it is.. still.

The reason I am blaming this on an artist-hipster fuck is because all the shit is props & dried up art supplies--- like someone emptied out their storage unit or something.

SO I took it upon myself to call 311, schedule a pick up for shit that doesn't belong to me, and I left a note for whomever did this-- Just so I would feel better.. because pollution really freaking pisses me off.

I mean really? WHAT is so hard about calling for a garbage pick up? Isn't it common knowledge that garbage men usually only pick up what is in the cans, unless you call in for oversized-pick-up?

What makes me even more angsty-- is the fact that when I called 311-- I was the ONLY person who had reported this shit. I mean-- a good 500 people live in a 5 block radius of me, I am sure of it.. and I'm the only one who gives a flying fuck? I would have felt SO much better had this been something the CITY dropped the ball on, but really.. How irresponsible do you have to be to walk past your pile of shit every day, and not think to call and have it picked up.





UPDATE: One of my OTHER neighbors removed my sign from the garbage, and taped it to the door of the culprit! hahahahahahahah!


  1. This reminds me so, so much of Portland... West Coast hipsters are the worst kind, I'm convinced. (Although I still have a daily bone to pick with the idiot biking hipsters in Chi who can't be bothered to follow traffic laws.)

  2. LOL!!! I wish i could do that here!!!! LOVE IT!!!


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