happy weekend.

Yay, it's the weekend.

My sweet guy is working today-- (and every Saturday (and possibly Sunday) for the next 6 months)-- SO I'm making some grub to bring for a picnic to spend some time with him-- cause let's face it.. I miss that guy!

Tomorrow we're going to romp around L.A.-- There is an out door ice skating rink in Culver City that I am dying to check out-- I love to ice skate.

I met one of my neighbors yesterday-- We saw someone crawling through his window a few weeks ago, so we went and knocked on the door to make sure it was him-- since then, every time we see him he thanks us for looking out.. Well yesterday I got to chatting with him, found out he works in set design.. SO I think he might let me tag along one day, and see if its something for me.

Very exciting.

Welp, that's all I got.

How's the weekend going in internet land?


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  1. Happy weekend Ryan!
    Ice skating sounds like so much fun! Have a great time! :)


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