A wedding update. (88 days to go.)

So, we're getting married in 88 days.

Where does the time go?!

It seems like it was just yesterday when I talked about the wedding being 10 months away!

Everything is really coming together for the wedding, but we still have a lot to do/think about.

We have a website up (sorry it's password protected!), we ordered the invitations on Sunday, R's parents were so sweet to get our flights for us, center pieces are in progress, officiant picked, rehearsal dinner site booked, bridesmaids are ordering their dresses, musician locked down, my dress, His suit and... even though I am having a hard time seeing it all come together, I know it will!

We're both getting pretty excited-- I think we're anticipating the next 88 days to fly by, and since we're keeping the wedding so simple, we're really going to get to enjoy our friends and family while in town-- so it is a very exciting time for us.

I've really struggled with "the registry"-- we have everything we need, and some of the things that we want are really specific (and pricey) so we finally decided that a registry just wasn't for us-- so we've asked our guests to donate to some good causes: Oxfam Unwrapped & Amnesty International.

(Fun Fact: Though it was brief because I changed schools that year, I was President of Amnesty International club my junior year of high school.) ;)

I wish I had some pictures to share of the details, but I don't.

On Sunday we ordered the invitations. I was going to go all out and do everything myself-- but I just decided to go through vista print, and customize something they already had.

We printed the STD's at home, and it was a freaking nightmare. The printer wouldn't format correctly.. SO for the sake of not dealing with that again, we just decided to keep it simple.

We're keeping this shin-dig casual, so even though I started out with these visions of totally badass creative & funky invitations created by us, I am happy with what we ended up with.

Here are the proofs of our invitation package:

 The invite will be on Linen paper

RSVP Front & Back:

(Had to be very clear, folks in my life tend to have a "low response" rate, if you know what I mean)

The Insert:

On the envelopes I am going to do my funky-writing to snazz things up a bit, I'll share those once I get'em done.

I am really afraid that I am going to cry the entire time I walk down the isle. Every time I think about walking down the isle to R I just start crying tears of joy-- I know, I am such a sap! But really, I don't want to send the wrong message by hysterically cry-laughing as I walk down the isle.. Plus, I hate water proof make-up, so we might have an issue.

 AND I have managed to lose most of the weight I gained moving here (I gained freaking 10 lbs between Sept & Thanksgiving). I've changed my diet to fasting a few times a week, and eating clean protein and raw veggies so I can keep my skin nice and clear and reduce water retention. I know I need to get in really good habits now so I stick to them the week of the wedding.

I am really worried about having a major breakout and crappy looking skin! I've been really battling with my appearances the past 6 months as I have started to show my age a bit-- Grey Hairs, "smile" wrinkles that stick around, furrow lines... I'm feeling a bit worn out looking. Hopefully cleaning up my diet and fasting will clear up some of these issues!

So there ya have it, a nice fluffy post.. I know everyone loves those!

Any 90-days-to-go tips from you ladies who have done this before?



  1. Yay, Ryan! That's so exciting! The invitations are great, nothing simple about them... Very clean, crisp and eye catching!
    Don't you worry your little heart about being an emotional mess, you won't be. If I got through it, you will too. All I kept thinking was, OMG, he looks so adorable... OMG, I am so freaking happy! No tears, just a few when we said our vows.
    Congrats on seeing the big picture... It will be beautiful!

  2. So exciting! Try not to stress too much about the little things, that's all the advice I have and it's pretty generic. It'll all come together. :) I thought I'd cry walking down the aisle but I had a perma-smile glued to my face :) I didn't cry until my sister started talking about my grandparents!

    Best of luck to you! Enjoy the next 88 days because you're right, it'll fly by!

  3. As much as a bitch as it is, going raw for 10 days preceding the wedding will give you amazingly perfect / glowing skin. My makeup artist was shocked at the difference between my face at the trial application verses on the wedding day. I struggle with dark circles under my eyes and they were completely gone after going raw. Not to mention, raw foods sort of plump your skin so that fine lines aren't noticeable. As a student-certified holistic health coach ; ) I definitely don't recommend a raw diet for more than a few weeks, but I think it's THE BEST "quick fix."

    1. Yeah right now, I am just doing "Clean eating" which I try to do anyway. I'm also staying away from white carbs, and gluten (I am GF most of the time anyway). But I'm definitely going hard core raw the week and a half before I say I DO. ;)


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