Apartment Pics v. LA sneak peak.

I'd really like to take some better pictures of the apartment.. BUT since I still have some "details" to work out, I'll do a room by room with the real camera once we are really settled in.

I spent SO much time organizing and reorganizing this space, so I am feeling quite accomplished.

ANYWAY, here it is! Crappy cell phone pics and all!

The living room/bedroom.

We bought the Manstad from Ikea: It's a couch, a bed, and storage! I'll review the couch sometime soon.

At some point I am going get different pillows and a cover for the couch.

Behind the curtain is our clothing, and more ART supplies!

Not pictured: Our couch looks upon a mantle, where we have our TV and some built in storage.

On the other side of the divider is the "office":

We are using our dresser as office/art storage, and to save some floor and make the office a little more "compact" we stacked the book shelf on the dresser. We might paint the book shelf-- but chances are it will stay as is.

Part of the kitchen:

I'm not done with the kitchen, so stuff is still all over the place.. this is all you get. ;)

And the vanity area, where I beautify myself.

I'm really glad to have this space in functional order, now I can go enjoy this bad ass city.

What's up with you folks?




  1. So far, everything looks super cute and cozy. I love what you did with the space! Especially the little office nook, it's perfect. The living room area is great too, I'm interested to hear how this Manstad works. Is it comfy? Do you have to make the bed every night before crawling in? So curious.
    Rach :)

    1. The pull out part kind of pulls in and goes under the "couch part"-- I do have to make the bed every night, but I usually keep a blanket on the couch that I just lay on the "mattress" when it's pulled out, and throw our comforter on top of that... AND I usually keep the couch back cushions in the "storage area" and the bed pillow stay out-- especially since no one has been coming over.

  2. So glad you're sharing photos! I imagine you will have a lot to contribute here in terms of living in a small space and maximizing storage. Rob and I had to completely reevaluate our priorities when we moved to a much smaller casita and it's been quite difficult!

  3. It looks great.. Especially the awesome guitar by the couch ; )

  4. Your place looks super cozy! I like what you've done with the space so far!


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