Thank you, Digital Domain, for nothing.. actually.


My fiance got laid off from his job today, along with 275 other artists, many of them being people I call friends.

A bunch of numbers are being thrown around-- the layoff was massive, and involved people from the other studios as well.. I have seen articles that state at many as 400 people were laid off today.

You may have heard-- the studio he worked for is Digital Domain's Port St Lucie studio. The super shitty thing about this is, the CEO practically stood up and lied to the entire studio earlier this week assuring them all it would "be okay" then resigned from the company and let some talking head close up shop. Typical Corporate Monkey shit.

I feel awful for some of our friends, they bought homes here, they relocated their families across the country, they really believed in this studio, and it is gone now-- many of them are families where BOTH spouses worked for DD, and now they are BOTH out of work.

So as for us, we are lucky, for many of our friends, I know they are really taking this as a low blow-- I mean, it is your livelihood, how could you not.

BUT you know me, I can turn shit into rainbows, so the good news is, the beginning stages of our business is a go! No need to wait any longer, nothing holding us back, and with all this free time he will have on his hands now, he will be able to focus 100% of his energies on "The Shop." AND THANK goodness I got a job last month.. which, by the way, my employers have been really supportive-- this is a small town, so the studio closing down was "breaking news" and, they've offered to help us with anything we need should we need it.

As for Rob, he is cool as a cucumber and almost seems relieved to start the next chapter-- he came to my office today, brought me some lunch, vented a little and walked out ready to take on the world. I am so proud of my guy, he always finds a way to shine!

There is apart of me that is looking at this as an opportunity for us BOTH to make some changes.. Maybe we ca pick an awesome city, skip out on the honeymoon, and move somewhere sweet after the wedding... I've been California dream'n for years now-- I miss Chicago, and NYC would be pretty freaking sweet too. (However, I am keen on staying where it is warm year round). We've thrown around the idea of going to Austin, Vancouver, and Seattle too... We'll see-- But it is pretty exciting to be thrust into change.

It's a big country, and we haven't even seen half of it yet!


This weekend we are having a "Yes Beer, NO Football party" and I added a "wtf DD" to the end of that-- so I am hoping some of our peeps will come over on Sunday for a meeting of the minds, beer, BBQ and Skyrim. ;)

Anyway-- that's all I got for this Friday installment of "the life of Ryan (& Rob)."

Please send us & our peeps the good vibes as we all transition into the next chapter!



  1. What an aweful situation to be in- I hope things turn out well for you both :)

  2. Wow- that really stinks. :/ But this is probably some cosmic sign that the business was meant to be. And with such a positive attitude that you both have- I'm confident you'll be successful. :)


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