Sunflowers, panic, and saying bye.

 This morning around 3am, I woke up in a panic. I am not handling stress well. So I took a half day and spent the afternoon watching Drop Dead Diva (guilty). Then I am going to go to bed early, and kick some ass tomorrow. I actually got a really great complement at work today from my boss. 

So if things are going so well at work.. I am learning the business, my boss thinks I am the best thing since sliced bagels, so WHY am I going crazzy?? 

Well the thing is since my schedule changed-- I am having a hard time staying balanced. That's all I'll say bout that-- I need to focus on staying healthy. 

Speaking of healthy-- our garden is thriving. In the beginning of summer, R started some sunflowers from the seed, then planted them, and now they are budding. 

Our yellow squash is flowering as well-- but there is a little bunny on the lose and he's been eating the blooms.. I'd like to be upset with him, but he's just a bunny and who could be mad at a bunny?

As I was writing this, I got a call from my dad, and my sweet Xander is probably going to have to be put down this week. I've never had to deal with a pet leaving us-- So I am feeling pretty sad. I'd like to go visit him before he goes, but I don't think I could handle it, and I don't want him to see me sad because he's my buddy-- and he'll know. Not sure if it is selfish of me or not. 

OKAY, well now I need to go get a good cry in and play some video games or something. 

Hope everyone is well.



  1. Mornings are always more stressful for me. I wake up panicking on most weekday mornings.

    So sorry to hear about your beastie :( Losing a pet is never easy. I'll be thinking of you <3

  2. Oh no... What's wrong with the pup? : (

  3. I know what you mean about new routines and not feeling balanced. I haven't found my balance either in this new place..I just have to keep focusing on what matters for me: quiet time alone, good, healthy food, sunshine, exercise, and spending time with positive people. Balance will come in time..

    I'm sorry about your furfriend.. It is so hard to say goodbye.. Keeping you in my thoughts..{{hugs}}


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