MIA, but busy.

I've been too busy to BLOG!

I finally finished the map I was working on for my friend. Moral of the story is, I need to get faster on photoshop-- I spent so much time doing things the long & HARD way.  BUT since this was my first commission of this variety-- spending obscene amounts of time is to be expected.

So there it be.

It will be printed on an 8.5x5.5 postcard, the back will have directions to the various locations.

What took so long were all the little illustrations. I didn't know how to use the magic pen tool until the last 10 hours of this gig, so I literally made high-res icons (the bag & church) pixel-by-pixel. Okay, maybe not literally, but close enough. However, the paint brush makes you draw like a kindergartner-- so I was relieved when I finally figured out the "better, more efficient way" do to this. SO it took me about an hour to to the Motel-- the most detailed thing on the map, and about SIX hours to do the bride and groom in the church. EFF MAN.

SO other than staring at photoshop for hours-upon-hours, R and I had an alright weekend. We finally went out to eat, and the food sucked. They overcooked everything. They even over cooked my reorder. I was disappointed because they were highly recommended.. but IDK dudes, greasy mediocre fries & burnt fish n' chips is just not really my thang.  Not that into Medium-well burgers either.

If I am going to eat meat, it better be freaking good & treated right.

Last time I'll try something new. I kid.  It's just the last time I listen to friends when it comes to restaurant choices.

On Friday night we went to a party. Get a bunch of arty-nerdy-semi-nerdy-wanna-be-nerdy-not-so-nerdy-but-everyone loves beer-folks together, and it's an interesting time. I enjoyed it.

Another event from the weekend was I applied for an internship with a local organic garden-- they've decided I am one of the people they would like to meet with upon their return to Florida, so I am getting pretty excited about the prospect of joining their team. Essentially I will learn how to make a garden fruit, organically, and have some one-on-one attention while I fine tune my green thumb. I will also be given a plot of land to grow on & access to workshops, in exchange for my labor once a week.

Sweet deal, right?

Welp, it's almost nine, and I haven't eaten since 7am, so I'm gonna get on that & a glass of vino-- I freaking deserve it!

Although, I haven't been to the gym in a week, so I should probably be slapped for that.

Tomorrow, I will go. I will.


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